Packed weekend: so much fun!

Our weekend was packed! I had planned for a relaxed weekend but turned to be a busy one in the good sense.

Saturday started with a morning walk with Sofia. I wasn’t feeling strong due to middle of the night wake up, so I took an easy walk hunting for a place that we could buy breakfast with mobile money. It took 3 attempt before getting some croissant. It was a cool morning and we both enjoyed the walk, chat, and the “adventure”.

Then I went to my weekly acupuncture visit, chatting with a friend and my mom during the drive, perfect use of time! πŸ™‚

I wanted to have a lunch date with hubby, just because, so we had Sofia’s over for pizza, and we left the house before lunch time. We went to the same restaurant where we celebrated my birthday, in a different location. The setting is rustic as it’s a vegetarian restaurant, Corner Tree Cafe.


we ordered two appetisers: vegetable dumplings and this cauliflower fried chicken.


husband had cuban rice as main


and I had vegetarian bibimbap, the dish that I was craving that day.


it was a slow lunch date, very quiet place, we chatted without interruptions. It was super nice. Last time that we went out for lunch/dinner was over 1 year ago when we went to Siem Reap. It was too long. Now I want to have a weekly, or maybe bi-weekly lunch date with husband πŸ™‚

Once home, we watched a movie with Lizzy with popcorns. Then both hubby and I felt sleepy so we took a nap. I probably napped 40 min only but took me another 40 min to fully wake up after that.

CPc0ixDjQTSy+0Duj 69LQ

Sunday started with unplanned 12 miles run. I felt very energetic that morning so I planned to run a bit longer than 6 miles as usual. Then I encountered with one of my running friends, so we run together and chatted. That made me run double than planned but I felt great!

Shower, breakfast, and we went to golf practice. Another good practice day. Got home, ate quick lunch and we were ready for the picnic. The girls were so excited that they started to pack the day before and kept asking me if they forgot to pack anything. I said, it’s just an hour away.

We met with our friend and convoy to the place. It was actually only 45 min away and then we landed in a place with so many open space and greens that felt like another country. I was truly amazed. The girls were in aww mode all the time, couldn’t believe where they were… they played at the maze

IMG 2303

first playground play since the pandemic!


a second playground


lake with mommy duck and her children

and we walked walked and walked… they complained a bit but not too much as the place was just so amazing!


we spent 4 hrs there, hiking, playing, picnic, and more hiking and playing. It was a huge private village with country club, central park, soccer field, and so much more. Our friend has a lot there so they go there for some open air and greens on weekends! Such a luxury to be living there!!!

We were all exhausted on the way back, it took me 5 min to wake up the girls when we arrived. Everyone quickly showered and went to bed. I was exhausted too, i checked my watch and I logged closed to 40k steps.

We all miss greens and outdoor so much. Both girls had so much fun and it makes me so happy and satisfying to see their excitement and smiles. πŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “Packed weekend: so much fun!

  1. Wow that looks like an amazing weekend. That outdoor space is gorgeous!!! I can imagine that living in a big city, you probably really do miss the open outdoor spaces like that. Looks so nice and warm too!!! Haha. Jealous of that tropical looking place. Question- is English spoken a lot there? I noticed on the cafe wall there is an English language quote. Just curious if it’s commonly spoken there? The date lunch sounds perfect.


    1. english is the official language in the Philippines! I know… so convenient! I didn’t realise how much it helps us living here until we moved. Lucky us! πŸ™‚


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