Monday was as good as it could be after an exhausting Sunday with lots of nature and fun. Girls and I woke up, looked at each other, implicitly saying “can we go back to weekend?”. I know… I wish that too. The good news is that this is a short week. Girls have class until Wednesday as Thursday is public holiday. I plan to take Friday off too. My big meeting is Wednesday afternoon, so technically I would be done by then.

I got an email about a fancy training that manager nominated few. I was honoured to be nominated and said yes at the time. But when I looked at the schedule yesterday, weekly meetings that run 8-10pm, I decided to decline it. 2021 is about doing less and better. WHAT to do is more important than how I do it. I keep reminding myself that I don’t need to be at everything to prove my competence. I need space to grow and do more challenging things and space to really master them. So I didn’t feel bad turning the opportunity down.

Similarly, I learned that Lizzy’s friend are taking extracurricular activities (soccer, gymnastic). First reaction, I’m such a subpar mom not being proactive organising Lizzy’s learning. Then I paused and asked myself: what does Lizzy need now? to be honest, I think she needs to learn some math and english, piano (which we started and she loves it), and social play with her friends or Sofia. She’s having plenty of that. Adding more, if she’s not interesting, is unnecessary. That’s what my gut tells me, so I followed.

I came home before 5pm and found Sofia relaxed after her virtual yoga class, Lizzy just got back from her playdate and super happy! That instance I felt I was doing enough. We had dinner and read for a while before bed time.

that was a solid 3/5 Monday!

One thought on “NO to FOMO

  1. I’m so guilty of that sometimes too… the comparison game can be hard to ignore. It sounds like you have a good perspective on it though. Realizing that Lizzy really is craving social time is key too- I know you posted about that recently. I agree, if she isn’t asking or interested in something, no need to push it. She already has piano. Maybe as she gets older she will want to try a few things and you can experiment then with activities she might like to do, like Sofia with her golf.


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