Catching up

I am not taking a break from the blog intentionally, just was having late starter this week. I’ve been getting up after 5am (as opposed to 4-4:30), feeling the need to sleep a bit more and I followed my body. As a result, I didn’t have time to blog.

It was a short week so on Thursday morning, after my run and walk with Sofia, Lizzy was still sleeping with hubby… I thought they were so cute, sleeping in past 8am.

On the other hand, Sofia and I had a good walk, bought some freshly baked bread, enjoyed the last few days of morning breeze

IMG 2350

It was public holiday in the Philippines but not holiday for me (I discovered in the afternoon). So when I checked the email almost 2pm, I realised that I missed the surprise party for my boss for his birthday. So I asked his assistance if they arranged a cake for him too, she said no, so I volunteered to get one and deliver it to his hotel.


Birthday was never a big thing for me until I became mom. Now everyone’s birthday has a special meaning for me that needs to be celebrated. I glad I could make someone smile on his birthday with my little contribution.

I went to office for few hours on Friday when I was supposed to be off just to catch up few things from the day before, that I accidentally thought was a no working day.

Low key Saturday as well. Many of my colleagues went for a short trip to take advantage of the school break. I decided we are still fine until March so we stayed in and just enjoy the long weekend. I finished two books which I absolutely loved.

Sofia and Lizzy are both starting kumon. A math/english tutor program that some of their friends are doing. Sofia asked me to find a math class that is more challenging than her school, so we are trying kumon. After Sofia started, I asked Lizzy if she’d like to try it too. It wasn’t hard to convince her to give it a try, so she had her test yesterday and will start on Monday.

I am personally biased for the importance of math, I know. I want to be careful not to force them to do it more than needed but to support them to explore when they are ready and curious.

It’s Sunday morning, i will for a run (probably not too long), and just enjoy a lazy day at home since it’s getting too hot to get out already.

2 thoughts on “Catching up

  1. I noticed you were gone and felt slightly worried for a minute…I thought, I hope everything is okay! hahahaha! 🙂 I have been taking some days off more too lately from blogging. I love to do it but sometimes I want to sleep in, or do something else in that time. It can be hard to make time when you have lots of different “self care” activities that you enjoy- reading, exercise, writing, etc. There’s only so much time in the day, so we have to make choices!


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