Lizzy turned 5!

It is hard to believe that we are celebrating another birthday under the lockdown. Last year, we were at the beginning of the lockdown and we didn’t really celebrate it but we enjoyed our time at home as a family of 4. This year, i was determined to make it as good as we can given the circumstances. Still no party, but we can have lots of gifts, nice cakes, and balloons. Sofia and I ordered the decoration kit a week ago, gifts were shipped on time, and we chose unicorn as theme of the “party”. 

I didn’t sleep well and got up at 4am, went out for a short run, came back to set up everything. Sofia kept Lizzy in her room while daddy and I decorated the living room and prepared breakfast for the birthday girl. Then she came out and was happily surprised by the amount of festivity we created in the house.

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She was so excited to open the presents

Fullsizeoutput 14014

I love how the simple decor turned out… it really made it special.

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Daddy got her a full set of papa peg family, school, playground, and even an airplane to go on vacation. no surprise she loved the airplane the most

Fullsizeoutput 14004

girls played with the new toys and daddy and I went to pick up her cake and cupcakes. It turned out exactly how I wanted.

Since we didn’t organise a party but still want to share the celebration spirit with her friends, we delivered cupcakes to her friends. 

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but I had a surprise planned for her. I invited her BFF to come over for pizza with us. They haven’t played since March when situation got bad here. After few days of debating, I caved in and let them play for this special day. Obviously she didn’t expect it and when her friend came over, she didn’t understand. When I told her Mai will have lunch with us, she started jumping! 

Fullsizeoutput 14023

then cake time. It was a great cake filled with strawberries, we all loved it. 

Fullsizeoutput 14002

Daddy was surprised how much the customised cake costs, but we both agreed that given the smile we saw, it’s so worth it. 

Fullsizeoutput 14007The final tradition of birthday is to sleep with mommy. I was quite sleepy by the time we got to bed but still enjoyed her company by my side. 

I still vividly remember the day of delivery and now she’s 5. It’s quite amazing how powerful women are, to grow a person inside, outside, and witness the wonders this little person brings us everyday. It is also a bit sad to know that she’s a bit less baby everyday. I’ll miss this stage so much. We agree that even when she turns 18, I’ll keep calling her “bebe” because she’ll forever to be our baby. I love you Lizzy, so much! 

2 thoughts on “Lizzy turned 5!

  1. Aww, so sweet! Happy birthday Lizzy! I totally stole your unicorn cake idea, I was thinking of how to celebrate my daughter’s graduation from swim school this weekend and ordered a unicorn cake as well.


  2. That cake is AMAZING!!! I would, like your husband, love to know how much a cake like that costs. hahaha. It’s beautiful! She looks so happy. What a fun day. Happy birthday, Lizzy! She is adorable. She looks just soooo sweet, too! 🙂 🙂


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