Jet lag life

Jet lag is hard and it is harder when 4 people are dealing with it in a unsynchronized way. But I am not complaining at all. We are just so happy to be able to go out for walks when we are not sleepy nor dizzy.

The day after of our arrival, hubby and I got our first Pfizer shot at CVS. CVS has opened up for vaccines to anyone even those without insurance. We had our insurance to cover the cost and the whole process was easy, smooth, safe, and stress free. We had sore arms for few days but other than that, I don’t know if we have any side effect. Jet lag is muting everything else.

One of those mornings, I took Sofia for a walk to the white house and Lincoln memorial. Sofia used to walk to here during her school hours as her daycare is just few blocks away, but she doesn’t remember it so it was like coming here for the first time.

We also enjoy going to whole foods in a daily basis as it’s just two blocks away from our airbnb. Loving all the fresh fruits.

When we were all energized for the day, we ventured out to Georgetown. Took public bus, which was mostly empty. It was a windy but sunny day. It’s simply lovely to walk in DC. It’s so beautiful. Yet a bit sad to be mostly empty.

We visited a macaroon store and couldn’t resist to buy few. Just look Lizzy’s happy face with the sugar comma moment

Our current schedule, which is still evolving. Wake up between 2-6am (hubby and I are the early risers but we don’t get up, just lay in bed and chat which is super nice, girls wakes up 4-6am,). Then I go out for a run or walk with Sofia after breakfast. Around 9 or 10, we go out for some activity, then back for lunch. Nap takes anywhere from 1-7pm. I’m slowly cutting it down to 1 hr while hubby and Lizzy are still napping 4-5 hrs. We go out for a short walk or playground time before dinner. 8pm-11pm girls do school if they are awake while hubby and I work.

I hope we get over jet lag next week so we can enjoy even more our stay.

I haven’t met with my friends here, which is kind of sad. I understand why people don’t feel like meeting but I keep wondering if it’s because of COVID scare or simply not close enough with us anymore. In Manila, I still meet with a group of colleagues and friends even though the covid situation is much worse. So coming here not meeting with old friends is just odd.

Q: Do you feel comfortable meeting with friends?

2 thoughts on “Jet lag life

  1. Hi Coco-long time reader but not a frequent commenter. Was just going to say that I don’t meet with anyone still and if we do it’s outdoors and masked and I’m vaccinated. Given that you just got vaccinated and traveled internationally from a covid hotspot, it probably makes sense that some friends may be uncomfortable meeting yet. Give it some time. But glad you guys were able to come over to the states where it’s a bit safer (now). Take care.


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