Full of gratitude

I am gradually getting over with jeg lag. Last night I slept from 9pm to 6am, first time in two weeks with sleep score over 80! Yay! The rest of the much not so much. Hubby still naps 4-5 hrs a day, girls cut down to 2-3 hrs and stay up till 11pm with school.

Every day I am full of things to be grateful. I can’t stop thinking about them so let me put them down

I am extremely grateful for have the means to travel to the US at this difficult moment.

I am grateful for the freedom we feel here. We can go out whenever and wherever we want with both girls.

I am grateful to have the public transportation to take us to places when we don’t have a car here.

Taking public transportation

I am grateful to be able to take the girls to explore new playgrounds.

New playground

I am grateful to have a little company to visit girl’s paradise. It was her first time in Sephora and she fell in love immediately

Girls paradise

I am so grateful for my resilient girls. They have been through so much the last 14 months, yet they never complained and always found things to celebrate and laugh about.

Jet lag continues

Today we changed to a new place, where I always stay when I come back to DC for work. It is a two bedroom apartment, very spacious, and close to everywhere we want to visit. Airbnb is fun but they are rather small in DC area so I think we will stay here until time to go back to Manila. Girls are super happy with our new “home”

Our new “home”

We went to buy some food after we settled down and passed by my office building.

Mom’s office building

I am so grateful for having an avid reader who got just excited as mom to get new kindles. I still prefer physical books but wanted a kindle to read in bed and while traveling. So when I saw the flash sale in amazon, i couldn’t resist.

Our new kindles

We wanted to travel within the US during our stay but we can’t get a driver license for the time being so that plan wont’ work. We were thinking to visit Disney but most of the parks are fully booked until end of June, when we are leaving. I was out of ideas and quite frustrated for few hours and then a BRILLIANT idea came! Summer camps!!! They’ve never tried it so it would be a perfect opportunity to experience camps. After some search, they are booked! Sofia will have in total 3 camps with the last one a sleep away camp in northern Virginia. Lizzy will have one camp and then spend the other two weeks with us exploring DC museums. I am SOOOOOO excited for Sofia’s first sleepaway camp! Really, sooooooo excited!!!!

Now I feel like we are settled with a plan to enjoy DC for the next 8 weeks. 😆

2 thoughts on “Full of gratitude

  1. So happy for your that things are going well. Great gratitude list. It must feel so good to be able to just get out and about more after a long year. Apartment looks really nice!!! Maybe you should just move to the U.S. 😉 LOVE the summer camp idea!! Mine are both going this summer too. Your girls will love it. Bummer about Disney, though!! They would be perfect ages. I’m so grateful we snuck a trip in in January before the crowds started to pick back up. I can’t wait to do a DC trip with my boys at some point and visit all the museums, etc. too. I haven’t been there since I was in high school.


  2. I live in the suburbs of DC, and reading your post reminds me how lucky I am to live in the DC area! DC isn’t as glamorous as living in NYC or LA or SF, so sometimes I feel like it isn’t that exciting to be here. But there really is always something to do or see and so much history – past and present – to experience. Having all the museums closed off and on for the past year has been really sad for my family because we loved visiting them. I hope you all enjoy your time here!


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