Sort of a routine

We are gradually getting over jet lag and getting into a new routine. I’d start my day either energized or with hangover due to late night work meetings, but always in good mood to start the day, especially when I can hit the road and run an hour around the national mall, my happiest place in the world!!! Every day when I run around the Lincoln memorial, I feel full of gratitude, every time.

Then I’d find my girls at “home” finished or finishing breakfast and their homework (I’m very relaxed about it ) and we’d leave for our outing for the day. The weather in DC is so unpredictable, one day is full force summer, the next we need to wear winter jacket. Girls are very confused. and can’t understand how can a day be cold and sunny at the same time.

DC weather ranges from summer to winter in hours

DC streets are quite empty and we love seeing birds and squirrels on the street. Lizzy declared there are three things she doesn’t like about America: (1) she has to walk to go to places; (2) there are trash on the street; (3) some people don’t wear mask. 😀 I find her very observant. hehe…

After some exploring around walking distance neighborhood, we found a playground that we all like near Georgetown, guided by a nice daycare teacher we met on the street when I asked about nearby playground. This place is clean, sturdy play equipment, assorted swings, and a sand playing area

Girls can happily play there for 2 hrs. While they play, I catch up on work or listen to a podcast. When it’s time for lunch, we head to near by trader joes (my second happy place!) to get some frozen meals. We’ve been trying new items and so much fun! So far girls like stir-fry noodles with chicken, dumplings, chicken nuggets, mozzarella sticks, and fresh pasta. Hubby and I tried thai fried rice, japanese friend rice, variety of sausages (vegan and non vegan types), burritos, cauliflower gnocchi, and more. Our foodie adventure is another highlight of our trip. 🙂

After lunch, I’d work while girls take a nap, which has been reducing from 4 hrs to 1 hr nap. Then they’d play, watch some TV, dinner, followed by distance learning at Manila time (8pm DC time). Depending on the length of their nap, they’d stay until anytime from 9-11:30pm. Again, I’m not stressed about loss of learning during this time. The freedom they are getting here is invaluable. When I see them so happy playing in the playground with so little, I feel happy and relief but also guilty for having waited so long to make this trip. It feels like I’ve “violated” their basis human right by locking them up at home for 14 months. Well… i’m just glad we made it. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Sort of a routine

  1. I am glad to see that going to DC has really lifted your spirits! How do you work though? Do you just do it here and there throughout the day? I have a lot of meetings in my job so I cannot imagine being able to pull this off like how you are doing it.


    1. yes, it has been the best decision in two years! hahaha…. I work from DC remotely, scheduling meetings in early mornings or evenings, the rest I do it in the afternoon while they nap/play. So far it has been manageable. My bosses are super supportive and flexible. I’ll start taking leave sometime in June to fully detach but otherwise the current set up is sustainable until we go back.


  2. I am so happy for you and the girls Coco! I am sure this is a much needed time away from the constant shutdowns. I live in MN and as of July 1st all mask mandates will be lifted. I wouldn’t be surprised if most states in the USA will have mask mandates lifted by then. I am guessing your girls are US citizens so do you guys plan to stay for a few months at a minimum?? Do you plan to do any traveling while in the country??


    1. We are staying another few weeks before heading back. No traveling within the US this time so the girls can experience summer camp, another American tradition that they have not been exposed. 🙂


      1. Yes, you must get the girls back to the USA again for summer camp at some point. I don’t know if you’ve ever been to the midwest but you must get to Minnesota at some point if you can because there are so many places to go hiking, exploring, and of course boating. There are also TONS of outdoor summer camps in this area! ❤


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