“Busy” week and counting down

Last week was the week that both girls went to summer camp (multi-sport), thus I thought hubby and I would be having couple solo time to relax. Well…. it didn’t go exactly that way as it felt busy. But let me start from Monday

Their camp runs from 9-3pm, drop off time is 8:30-9am. First time we left our place 7:45am, got the bus at 7:55am, and arrived the camp place exactly 8:30am. As I was sitting behinds Lizzy who was super excited to have her first camp ever, how tiny she still is as her feet just hanged on the seat.

Off the bus and ready to go

I thought Lizzy might change her mind when we get there as she’d be left “alone” for the first time in a new place, with people she doesn’t know. Sofia would be close by but she was in a different group. To my surprise, after we checked in, they both waved to say goodbye and went with the boy to take them to their spot. Lizzy didn’t even hesitate. As I walked back to the bus station, the mixed feeling of letting my girls go, grow, made me pause for a while. They grow so fast and I might never be ready to let them go.

Once I got home, I worked for few hours before went out with hubby to trader joes to pile on things we want to bring back to Manila. Then it was about time to go to pick them up (2:15pm). Hubby and I went there together as we were both eager to hear their first day experience. Glad to find both girls happy and tired.

The rest of the week was similar routine. I’d drop them in the morning, come back, work, run some errands and time to pick them up again. Time flied so fast and I felt no time to actually relax. I wanted to finish work so I could take the last week in DC off from work.

On Thursday I took the girls to cheesecake factory for dinner. They’ve seen the place as we walked by, and Sofia even chatted it with her camp friend about the two bite size burger, so we had to try it.

We ordered three kids meals: the two bites size burger. When Sofia saw it: whose two bites are these? I can’t eat them in two bites!!!

the spaghettis with meatball and fried chicken tenders. I was sooooo surprised the size of these kids meals, they are even big for me, how in the world can kids eat these??? We packed the leftover and went home. It was a fun experience but the girls left no room for cheesecake.

Friday, last day of camp, hubby and I took them together

The multisport camp got Sofia to try badminton and basketball, both sports she wants to continue in Manila šŸ™‚

after dropping them off, we went to Georgetown for some returns, and then a quiet coffee date (15 min) that felt special

That was our week, flied by too quickly. Now the count down starts, one week until return. Good news: girls and I won’t have to do hotel quarantine but husband probably has to. Good enough šŸ™‚

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