Day -2

The closer we get to travel back home, the more I miss it. Weird how our mind works. Suddenly so many things came to mind that I want to do in Manila, our little bubble life there.

Yesterday morning we first went to have our covid test done for the travel, then we went to Georgetown as hubby wanted to check some antique stores. We stopped by a french pastries store and Lizzy had her dose of chocolate. She’s been having ice cream or other sweet treats everyday during our stay, her dentist won’t be happy. I told her we all need to do a sugar-detox when we get back, and she kindly agreed while munching on her chocolate eclair. hahha…

We got home almost 3pm, very happy to rest a bit. I checked the camp blog and Sofia sent two mails and said she has a surprise for Lizzy.

then a friend texted me if we want to meet them at the mall, sure why not. Lizzy and i met with them and walked around the lake

my friend asked me more in detail why I don’t want to come back, that i want to continue this expat life. I gave her many reasons but at the end I told her, you wouldn’t understand it unless you try it. It’s like having children. I think we are in general very risk averse, the older we are, the less we are comfortable to make big changes in life, unless you’re used to changes and see the best part of it. I am very grateful for hubby who is happy to tag along our journey around the world, and actually appreciates the experience and also doesn’t want to come back.

But i told my friend, I’d never say never. I’ve been through so many changes that I know for sure, I will and can always change my mind šŸ™‚

I am about to go to pick up Sofia, can’t wait to hear all about it. But I am also a bit nervous, what if I pick up a more mature and independent girl, that doesn’t need me as much anymore? Letting go is not easy, each small milestone bring mixed feelings. I guess I’ll just have to embrace it and choose to see the best part of it.

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