It was holiday within my organization Monday to Wednesday. I was super pumped for 5 days weekend, but it got cut short as I received a phone from my big boss Monday evening asking for help to deal with a “crisis”. Obviously I couldn’t turn him down as I am always his last resort, yet a bit swamped by the sudden work load while everyone else is still on holiday (thus I had to beg my team to work). The good news is that the family is slowing getting over jet lag. I’d say 3 out of 4 are 90% over. I am 99% over as I go to bed 8:30pm and wakes up only 3-4am onward. Lizzy is the last one as she continues to nap past 2-3 hrs and hard to wake her up by dinner time. But we are getting there, I’m sure when we are out of “home quarantine” we would be back to normal schedules. What I miss during this jet lagging period is the dark/silent morning that I used to have for myself. Now by 5am everyone’s up and roller blading in the living room.

The weather in Manila has been moody. We would have a bright sunny morning and then dark/raining afternoon. Coupled with jet lag, someone we are not sure what time it is.

Among things I had written down to do over the long weekend was to organize my closet, Sofia’s room, do April to June family finances. Only pending Lizzy’s toy organization that I might ask the helper to do with her. It gives me headache just looking at the mess.

Girls are doing proper home quarantine. First we were going to the pool but one day the guard stopped us as we should be “home quarantine”. I argued that the pool is in our “extended” home but he didn’t agree. That’s fine, I respect him as he’s just doing his job. If everyone does proper home quarantine, the virus will be over soon. So the girls have been playing a lot of games

in the afternoon if I have time, I’d read with Sofia until we both fall asleep. I usually do power naps (30 min max) while Sofia would nap for 1-2 hrs.

Given the crisis situation, I’m not sure when I’ll take my leaves, hopefully soon. I need complete break from work to fully recharge. I talked to my boss and he’s encouraging me to take more than 2 weeks as he plans to do the same. this is something I really love about my organization. People values rest as it is healing for our mind and soul, and it recharges us for more to come.

4 more times until end of quarantine and then I’ll take girls for AM/PM walks. I am so grateful that we are doing soft quarantine instead of hotel quarantine, cannot imagine how we could survive that.


  1. Ugh, that sucks. However it is great vote of confidence that you are their last resort! There is a saying, if you want to get something done, give it to be busiest person. Hope it is meaningful project at least! For jet lag I use melatonin, it takes me forever to get used to the time zone, especially when going east. Otherwise I’m a zombie for a week or so.


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