Getting back to reading & a new show

after two months of hiatus from reading, I’m slowly getting back into reading. I like to start with nonfiction and then transition to memoir, to fiction. Finished two short books already, and starting a new one. I got a big shipment of books too, so excited to get back to it.

now that the girls wake up 3 am, we have so much time in the morning. After I am done with my workout, I did 15 min morning yoga with them. it was so fun!

I had avocado toast with sunny side egg for breakfast, and honestly with the keg lag, my taste buds have changed and don’t enjoy any of my usual food yet. Even oatmeal doesn’t sound right. with the summer heat, I want to live on fruits but they don’t fill me up. what a problem!

Girls made banana pancakes, all by themselves, so proud of them! They really like baking/cooking, and since the US I haven’t been cooking much, so I am glad that someone is taking over even breakfast.

Jet lag is not improving, a week later, unfortunately. We all still wake up 2 or 3am, then the girls take deep naps in the afternoon. Hubby and I are trying not to nap but we fall asleep before 8pm. Well… hopefully we improve more this week.

I watched Sex/Life, all 8 episodes, over the weekend. I know… the reviews are terrible and it’s very simple plot. But I loved it, so entertaining and it reminds me youth (hahaha… not that I’m old, but there was a period of my life that all I cared was bf/love/crush). Too much sex scenes definitely, but the characters are like eye candies. I used to judge myself for liking this kind of shows, no longer! It’s for entertainment, it doesn’t need to be deep nor teaching me something, it’s just pure entertainment. I had fun, so purpose served.

Today we have to do a PCR test, as part of the arrival procedure. Then I’ll enjoy the rest of my holiday (monday to wednesday) doing nothing, unstructured days. Summer is meant to be like that right? unstructured, no plans, do what feels right at the moment. again… soooo not like myself 10 years ago. Girls on the hand are quite busy, they have kumon, mandarin, piano, and lots of free playtime.

3 thoughts on “Getting back to reading & a new show

  1. So glad you have a few more days off to just relax and continue to try to adapt to the “new” time zone again. Tomorrow is technically an observed holiday in the USA but I will be working and then using the sub holiday the following week when I am taking the WHOLE week off. Haven’t had a week OFF since Christmas! lol! I am a tad bit of a work a holic! lol … Might have to check out the show you talked about! 🙂


  2. I bet it will feel so good to read again! You know how I always love to get back to my routines after time away, too. 🙂 That jet lag sounds pretty brutal.. ugh. Hopefully you’re all feeling better now.


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