Jet lag life

Jet lag is real and surprisingly it’s affecting the family more than me this time. Kids complain that’s the worst part of the trip, but I’ve done it so many times that it doesn’t bother me anymore. I just ride it out.

Girls woke up 3am, myself got up at 4am, so we went for a swim at 5:45am as a family. It was such a nice way to start the day. Hubby and I swim and the girls played. The cold/warm water woke up my sleepy body and I was energized for the rest of the morning. After I prepared them breakfast, I did another 60 min strengthen workout, so good! Then I had meetings from 8-2pm with few breaks only. The good news is that I feel inspired and energized to work on a new task that my boss asked me to do, a high order task that could influence this country’s path for the next 6 years. The bad news is that I won’t be able to take leave as planned until probably end of July (when my boss takes his leave). Oh well…. I think I’ll do fine. We might even squeeze a beach trip in between.

When I got home after the work meeting, the girls were already taking their naps. Funnily, Lizzy came out with a glass of water after just 1 hr of nap. I thought she’s adjusting to the jet lag. But 5 min later, she continued her nap on the couch until 6pm. Hubby and I didn’t nap as I was busy working but by 7pm we both got a sudden sleepiness hit… typical of jet lag. I tried to hold it up a bit longer but by 7:30pm I couldn’t any longer and went to bed.

Hubby again woke up at midnight, the girls 2-3 am, and myself until almost 3:30am. 😆 Am I the fast adjuster this time? I hope so.

Manila covid situation is getting better, with less than 1000 cases per day and most of the movement restrictions are removed. Children are still not allowed to go into restaurants and malls, but they can walk. traffic is back and I see people living “normal” life. The good thing is that vaccine rollout is getting faster, vaccine hesitancy reducing, even our helper and driver are ready to get vaccinated! Future seems brighter now than when we left. 😉

Okay… Time for morning swim with the girls 🙂

3 thoughts on “Jet lag life

  1. So glad you guys are back home and doing well. I am sure that you are ready for the girls to get back to sleeping to a normal hour again. But I am sure that huge time change is making it difficult. I mean I don’t do well when our clock go back in the winter and go forward in the spring and the change is ONLY an hour. Have the girls shared their favorite things about being home and their favorite things from the trip?!?


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