Arrived and happy surprise

We arrived Manila 36 hrs ago after 36 hrs of travel time (door to door). It was a smooth and relaxing trip for the family and for the second half of it for me as well. We arrived the airport 4 hrs before flight time and was glad to do so as it took us 1 hr to check in due to so many rules and paper work. Fortunately, I was prepared and handled the guy everything. Then we waited for 2hrs, watched an episode of Manifest with the girls before we boarded for a 12 hrs flight. During the flight, I was nervous as we were still lacking one paper (to exempt from hotel quarantine for me and the girls), although I was 90% certain we didn’t need it, but really wanted to have it just in case.

The girls enjoyed the flight even more than the last time as they knew what they wanted to do and watch. They also took a long nap. I love spotting them while sleeping. I slept 2 hrs and watched Succession, Lockdown, and half of Honest thief.

then we spent 9 hrs at Doha Airport which went by quickly between work, family’s nap, and few visits to the lounge restaurant. And to my surprise, we got the exemption letter including husband!!! YAY! that was unexpected but our good friend made it happen. I was thrilled and really enjoyed the 9 hrs flight. Managed to sleep 2 hrs again.

Manila airport was emptier than usual thanks to 1500 passenger limit per day. They were many steps to get all the documentation cleared but we had everything including the fresh signed letter. I realized that we really needed it, otherwise we’d be spending hours to argue with people there who follows the rules closely. Then we got our luggages (12 pieces + 4 backpacks), our driver was waiting for us already with another driver as we wouldn’t all fit in one car.

I know.. too many bags!!!

I was very tired by the time we got home but can’t go to rest with all the bags unpacked, so we managed to unpack 1/2 of them. I was shocked to see how much food I bought!!! hahaha… I could open a mini market.

that night we went to sleep 8:30pm, hubby woke up at 12, me at 2, Sofia at 3, and Lizzy at 3:30am. I worked a bit before getting up and finished unpacking. 12 pairs of new shoes :lol

the rest of the day was spent between supervising the girls to catch up Kumon, piano, work, long nap for the family (5 hrs for the girls and 6 for hubby). I had PM work meeting which was good to keep me awake and crashed at 9pm. This morning I woke up few times before decided I can start the day at 4:30am šŸ™‚ Girls are also up since 3am. We will go for a morning swim. šŸ™‚

3 thoughts on “Arrived and happy surprise

  1. So glad you made it back safely and you were able to get an exemption to quarantine at home. That must be a huge relief! Do you guys think you’ll make it an annual trip to the US for summer camps for the girls? What is the best part about being home?


  2. I was thinking of you and hoping your trip home was going smoothly! Glad to hear it went well. Iā€™m sure it will feel good to get back into normal routines and life again, although it looks like you guys had a great time in DC too. Are things going any better in Manila pandemic-wise these days since you left?


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