Old and new favorites

We had a very relaxing weekend. Nothing major but low key activities and hours of reading. I need it to feel recharged to start a new work week. Now that we are jet-lag free, I am glad that my quiet solo morning is back!!! YAY. The slow start of my day alone prolong my zen mode for an hour

I am also back into having green juices. My current combo: cucumber, celery, lemon and ginger. It feels so fresh to start my day.

My reading enthusiasm is back so the kids. I have finished 5 short books since we arrived Manila, and might finish 10 in total this month. Loving seeing the girls reading before bed too.

Golfing is back too. yesterday was Sofia’s first lesson since March and my first practice since Feb when my elbow got injured. I was happily surprised that my swings are nearly perfect! Woooo! who would know. And another big good news, argentina (my country) won the Copa Americana, first time since 1993, so I celebrated wearing the national shirt (which made me so sweaty during golf)

In the afternoon I took the girls for rollerblading behind our building. they closed the road for kids to exercise, wonderful idea. Love seeing them out and moving!

Our family meal has been centered in lunch as I worked from home. All the veggies!!!

new favorite? Birkenstock! I am so glad I got two pairs in the US, they are sooooo comfortable and stylish as the same time. I can ditch everything else in my closet now! 😆

Another new favorite: Caroline workouts. they are so effective while low impact. I follow her 45 min plan since I stopped running, and I see results clearly. I find it more effective than Melissa’s workout. I still love Melissa because I think she’s a beautiful person. I do hers once or twice a week when I don’t feel like working out too much but do something.

hope you have a wonderful week, I am sure mine will be fantastic!!!

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