Mid-week check-in

I started this week energized thanks to low-key weekend and long hours of reading. Both days I worked from 8 to 5pm, 2/3 at the office, 1/3 at home. This seems to be a good combo as my goal during summer break is to spend more time with the girls. Yet, I need focus time to deliver, so few hours of efficient work at the office make it possible. I took early morning swim on Monday and went out for walk on Tuesday. It was 6am and there were so many workers (construction probably) on the street. It made me happy to see that. Compared to few months ago when BGC street was empty, this is good sign that economic activities are recovering. COVID situation is not under control yet but cases in capital city has stabilized below 1000, and vaccination rate is picking up, giving me hope that things will get better eventually.

A good news is that our helper got her first shot on Monday! This is important for us because our girls are not vaccinated, and also that she gets the protection too.

Yesterday I surprised a good friend with a birthday cake in his office. It made me happier than him probably 🙂

Girls are having fun at home and finally got back to swimming pool. Their summer schedule is more or less “homework” in the AM, quiet play for 2 hrs in their rooms (together usually), and then pool time. If we finish dinner early, we also go for a walk. The day ends with 1-2 hrs of together reading time.

Things I am looking forward this week

  • Boxing lesson. Today will be our first lesson, both hubby and I will train with a new personal trainer. Will report back if we like it or not.
  • Massage on Friday to end the week
  • Golf lesson for me (first since February)
  • Manicure. I need it every two weeks if I don’t do gel.

One thought on “Mid-week check-in

  1. Hope you enjoyed the new workout! One of the beachbody programs I have done over this year has one day that is called “fight club” which is a boxing/fighting style workout. I never thought I would enjoy that really but I found myself looking forward to it. I’m not the best at following complicated sequences of moves, haha, but I was able to do this one. Probably with your trainer it’s more traditional boxing anyway, compared to the video. I don’t know if we have anything like that around here. Probably, but I maybe just don’t know about it!


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