New workout & late night out

Boxing class went VERY well! Our trainer Rey is so patient and encouraging. By the end of 90 min session, both husband and I were a sweat mess but so energized. That’s the power of power workout! I like the fact that it doesn’t require pre-knowledge about it as I had none, but quickly we entered into a rhythm, switching between hubby and me 2 min each round. I didn’t know what to expect of it, but I find the workout to be fun, makes me feel strong, requires hand and eyes coordination, and full focus (which means it takes me mind completely out of rest, which I love). who knows, maybe I found the perfect workout?

Thursday I had a spontaneous dinner date with my boss and two work-related friends. I put decent cloth, blow dry my mind, and suddenly the night felt special. I still wear Birkenstock because it’s that comfortable. My boss ordered Japanese food. Our dinner went extremely well, we chatted about 6 hrs!!! I left his place past midnight. As my friend was driving me back, he kept telling me that he’s impressed that I didn’t fall asleep during dinner as my bedtime is usually 8-9pm. The consequence of late night eating, going to bed, less than 6 hrs of sleep means that I useless on Friday. I made simple math mistakes, I mixed up our massage appts, I took two naps, and I gave up working. The only thing I did was having lunch with a colleague, Japanese again. I told hubby that I thought I like Japanese, but after two consecutive meals, I need a break for few months. It made me wonder, if I could eat one cuisine forever, what would it be?

One thing we talked about over dinner that made an impression on me was: Not just do the right thing, do the kind thing. I live by doing the right thing, no matter what others say. But sometimes, it’s also important to remind us to do the kind thing. For example, when my friend (who told about this quote) was driving me back, as we entered my building gate, the guard didn’t recognize the car so he was doing the checking. my friend said: I should tell him that there’s a bomb in the car. I said: well… he’s just doing his job. Remember? Do the kind thing. 😀

As I was out both dinner and lunch Thursday and Friday, girls spent most of the time playing by themselves. Lizzy even cried a bit after I left for dinner and gave me a long hug the next morning. It made my heart so warm to know that she still needs her mama so much. I know… few more years and she’d stop caring so much.

I am having a hard time deciding what I want to breakfast. For years I had oatmeal with almond butter. After our trip to US, during which I didn’t have, I am not craving it much anymore. When I think about, I want something fresh (it’s really hot and humid in Manila), cold if possible, but also fill me up. Any ideas?

Weekend plan:

  • Sofia soccer practice (first time since March)
  • Pool time
  • Golf lesson
  • Reading
  • Make a new recipe? I haven’t cooked for so long.

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