Highlight of Saturday. I found a boxing gym near by with a trainer that does boxing and circuit training. Hubby and I both did the trial out and it was good. I still like our trainer that we did last Wednesday, his session was 90 min for both of us doing boxing only. This one is 60 min with probably half time boxing half time circuit training. The advantage of the gym is that it’s indoor, air conditioned and no mosquito. After some debating, hubby and I decided as we can’t decide, to do one session with each the trainer outdoor and the gym. Maybe we can decide later.

After the boxing session, we had a couple massage. Always feels luxurious no matter how many times we do. A great way to end the day. When we got home, girls were playing lego and finished dinner. I was so proud of them.

Sunday: I realized that Sofia didn’t finish much of her homework. I got mad at her. I am frustrated that I am still the constant reminder of what she needs to do before playing. She’s almost 9, shouldn’t she be responsible already? After a lot of yelling, we went to golf lesson. My mind was elsewhere, still mad and confused. I wasn’t sure I am a good mom anymore, am I being too relax with her? am I being too harsh to her (she’s technically on vacation!)? I couldn’t make up my mind. So she spent the afternoon quiet time finishing her homework. When she does them, it doesn’t take her too long but she’s usually not focused, and takes too many breaks which annoys me because that’s totally opposite style of me. Once she finished, Lizzy was up from nap and we went to roller blade while I called my mom. It’s always nice to be “not mom” but child when I talk to my mom.

Our evening ended with “baby boss” and me with a book. I was crashed by 8pm.

Today I woke up with a weird dream, so vivid and so many moral questions. Now I’ll think about that today 😦 Oh well… will go for a walk to clear my busy mind so early in the morning.

5 thoughts on “Weekend

  1. I’m not a mom, Coco. So I guess I can’t really comment but I will say that now at 31 I am pretty focused and too like to get all of my work done right away but when I was 9 I KNOW I still needed subtle reminders from my parents to get things done. I don’t know if its a cultural thing but I know in the US the expectation is that kids will need reminders from their parents to get work done until they are in high school. That is why parents are so involved in school until High School (14 yrs old). Do you think you can cut her a little slack and reminder she is only 9 years old and as you mentioned she IS on summer break?! I am sure that won’t make it less frustrating but might make it so that you don’t get so angry at/with her? Sounds like you still had a good weekend. Hopefully your planning for your next trip is going well! ❀


      1. I hope so! You are doing a great job of raising your girls and I think that once they are in there teens they will have it all sorted out and you won’t be so frustrated! πŸ’œ


  2. My 9 year old would have a meltdown if he had to do homework during the summer. (The Dutch are very relaxed about homework in elementary school.) He only gets homework once a week and I have to remind him to do it each and every single time. I know he will be better at it when he’s older, now I just make it a habit that he sits down every Sunday morning to think if he has any homework due the next week.


  3. Aww. Well, I guess I would ask- Why does she have homework in the summer? Is it “real” homework? Or just some workbook/enrichment work that you are assigning them? I feel like I have different standards for actual graded school homework than for workbook pages I just want them to do to stay sharp while school isn’t in session. We haven’t been doing too much of that stuff this summer though. It is summer vacation, after all! I wouldn’t stress about it (unless it’s real homework she has to turn in for a class or something- but even then, I think it’s totally normal for kids to need reminders.) I still have to remind my boys about way too many things. Drives me nuts sometimes but as I heard on a podcast once, and I like to remind myself, “It is developmentally appropriate for kids to need reminders at this age!” πŸ™‚


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