Running around: busy shopping and meeting people

My 3 days trips in Buenos Aires were packed:

– I did the last pieces of documents needed to travel with the cremated ashes.

– I did many shopping trips, mainly local sweets, what I had as a child. I want the girls to try them too. I also bought some clothing items for me and the girls.

– I met with my BFF’s mom, we spent 3 hours having lunch followed by cake. When I told my BFF that I spent that long with her mom, she was surprised and asked what did we talk about? Hahaha… I guess I would ask the same if she meets my mom.

– I met with a high school friend with her son. Forgot to take pic. I was fighting against jet lag hitting me at 5pm so I wasn’t at my best. While she’s super nice and helped with some documents for this trip, I didn’t feel I connected with her at mental state level. It doesn’t mean we are not friends, it’s just now may not be the moment for us to be the closest which is totally fine. Different seasons in life one could have different friends.

– I met with a friend that I met through my BFF. We used to take tango lessons together, went to Punta del Este when I was 16, and she visited us when we lived in the US in 2015. She’s such a beautiful person. I really enjoyed our time despite my headache was so intense by then. Curiously, we are also at different life circumstances (she with a distant boyfriend at my age without any prospect of marriage or kid, working at a job that is not as satisfactory as she deserves), yet I would love to spend more time with her. That was my first emotional reaction after we departed, and I wonder why. I came to the conclusion that I liked her values despite her circumstances, radiating positivity, optimism, and kindness.

– I met with the president of my college. He was instrumental for me to pursue my Phd in economics, thus my current life. I have never thanked him since I graduated in 2004. I emailed him the second day when I couldn’t sleep more at 3am, and arranged to meet the next day. It’s so good to visit my college. All the good memories came back and I bumped to one of the professors too. He looks the same as 20 years ago, so I told him so. You know what was his response? Because I run. I was laughing so loud. So we spent 15 min just chatting about running international races and how much we love the camaraderie of the races, seeing runners at the hotel. It was a short and pleasant meeting. Next time I come I’ll try to meet up with my former professors that are still teaching there.

I had 3 meetings in one day, I was exhausted by the end of it. But I’m glad I got to see them despite how short this trip is.

I also ran everyday there, surprisingly to have full energy once I hit the road, despite lack of sleep. While I ran, I was very emotional out of happiness, a rare sensation, like reuniting with my first love.

I accidently saw a golf place and sent the pic to hubby…. this happens when you truly love someone 🙂

A plan is forming in my mind… not ready to share as I want to make sure this is what I want for real, not just an impulse like an infatuation of a new lover. 🙂

That concluded my 72 hours trip to Buenos Aires. I have few more ideas to share about this trip…. really getting the memory dividends 🙂

3 thoughts on “Running around: busy shopping and meeting people

  1. It looks like a wonderful visit! From great food and weather, to so much pleasure derived from all your memories. I’m also so glad you were able to carve out time to see so many people from your past!


  2. What an amazing trip! Glad you had a great time, even while short, and were able to see so many people. Your trip report definitely has me adding Buenos Aires to my bucket list.


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