Catching up

It has been a crazy busy few days so let me do a quick recap.

  1. An important meeting at work that I prepared for over a month is finally done this Tuesday evening. It went well thanks to throughout preparation. That night Lizzy fell asleep in my bed as I worked in their room. It was nice to wake up with this face by my side. Sometimes I think she’s such a big girl now, but other times when she was snuggled in our bed, she looks so small.
  2. There is a spread of COVID cases among our kids families. It’s getting closer and closer. At least 4 families that we know are confirmed, their kids play together, thus it’s likely that it was spread by kids. One of them was confirmed yesterday and she came to Sofia’s birthday party on Sunday. I had to inform every one that we exposed to one confirmed case. I am not too worried about mine as I think they either got it already or have a high immune system after being exposed to me. It’s interesting to see different people’s behavior around this. Most of them are quite chill and don’t plan to get tested until symptoms present, which I think at this stage is reasonable as long as they stop interact with others. The kids that have covid are all mild, some fever and cold symptoms. Hope it keeps this way. To say I am tired of life disruptions caused by COVID is understatement but what else. Life goes on. I told Sofia she cannot play with her friends for the time being. She was sad, as expected. But reminding her to be grateful that she can play with Lizzy and mom stays at home all the time, and that she has so many books and projects to do, she felt better and was content.
  3. My symptoms are manageable. yes, unfortunately I still get them if I am not careful. If I exert myself physically with prolonged cardio (jogging) or talking energetically for more than 30 min, I do get warm, some low grade fever, and chest discomfort as my lung is over worked. It happened twice this week as I was preparing for my meeting. Right after I noticed it, I immediately go to rest mode. Stay in a quiet room, calm myself down, not engage in mentally exhausting work, and I “recover” quickly. How long will this last? I honestly have no idea. I tell myself just manage one day at the time, eventually this will be gone.
  4. After the talk with my manager about my chance landing the dream job, I was down for few days as he didn’t think my chance was high. So yesterday I asked my long time boss (for 4 years) what I should do next given that conversation. He responded: I am not sure that’s long shot, I would hire you straight for that position. šŸ˜† I was over the moon. He suggested me to talk to the hiring manager directly. The meeting is set up for next Tuesday. Finger crossed he gives some positive indication or advise for career planning. I’m excited again! šŸ˜€
  5. We are going to Anilao next weekend! YAY! Hopefully the family that goes with us won’t get covid or get rid of it before that.

One thought on “Catching up

  1. Well what the heck, your new posts didn’t come to my email like they usually do!! I finally thought it was odd to not see a post for a while, so I visited your site directly. I totally agree I am so tired of the disruptions of covid… there have been a bunch of cases at our kids’ school this week too. It doesn’t seem the spread is occurring at school- it’s from school friends playing together/ spending time OUTSIDE of school. But what is the alternative?? Have kids stay in isolation forever? That doesn’t seem like a reasonable option either. This is already the 3rd school year that is disrupted…when covid hit Ethan was in 5th grade, now he is already in 7th!


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