Bumpy week update

Quick recap of week happening:

  • Monday I got the heart holder. It was inconvenient 24 hrs mainly due to no shower. It coincided with 24 hrs of post-exertion malaise. Sunday I over did it and it took me 3 days to fully recover. I am getting better to manage it when it happens and the intensity of it is also lessening. Good progress!
  • A mini crisis happened at work and kept me awake at 3am. Fortunately, it’s getting solved but it was a rollercoaster.
  • We are excited for our beach trip this weekend but I might have to work. Oh well….
  • Distance learning alone has gone well for Lizzy. Our helper accompanied her for some activities, and she’s very excited to show me or read me the story she writes when she finish. I am her most important “approver” so I love giving her the satisfaction of being proud of her work. I am grateful for this time when I can be with her all day long and give her the comfort when she needs it. this will not be forever. I am also interviewing some potential tutors. If I can find one that we like, she’ll help her for few hours a day.
  • Sofia had her first in person mandarin class yesterday, extended playdate until past dinner time. She said she found a new BFF. 😆
  • I am preparing for the interview. It takes a long time to prepare well. I haven’t got the notice but I think I will soon.
  • I had a mid-week massage session that was glorious. I think I’ll make it a new routine. It really calmed my anxiety.

We got a meal service this week for a change, Lizzy is trying this green jello. I find myself in a food rut often and having someone decide what we eat was fun for a week.

Friday (last day of work) before our trip to do:

  • meet with a team member and his wife this morning, haven’t seen them for the last 1.5 years.
  • meet with my boss at the office.
  • wrap up the mini crisis
  • write-down packing list
  • prepare gift for tomorrow’s birthday party of a friend

One thought on “Bumpy week update

  1. Enjoy your trip! Hoping everything looks good on your heart monitor. Good luck finding a tutor for Lizzy…where do you find tutors like that? I wouldn’t even know where to start, haha. Fingers crossed you get the interview soon to get that over with! Stressful, I’m sure.


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