Day 1 at Cebu

I was a bit anxious about traveling yesterday as we haven’t done in the past four months. Even Sofia thought it was a long time since we last took a flight (4 months ago). Hahahah… I know how lucky we are. But given the pandemic I really didn’t know what to expect since domestic travel with kids was only recently opened up. So we left home 8:30am for a 10:50am domestic flight. We got at the airport at 8:55am and done with check in and security by 9:10. So fast! We had one hour before our boarding time. Girls were ready to tackle some kumon meanwhile. 🙂

Our flight was on time (another surprise) and only 1 hour 5 min. Then we met with our driver to take us to the hotel. 20 min later we arrived.

First impression of shangri la Cebu. It’s huge! It’s old. It’s packed! All surprises. We couldn’t resist to compare to the shangri la in Boracay that we went last year, first trip since pandemic outbreak. Boracay’s is definitely better. It’s newer, more boutique style as it’s not massive as this Cebu one, customer service was nicer, and first impression was stunning. Yet, I reminded the family to be grateful that we are here. The fact that we can be here is already a miracle. That we are all healthy enough to travel, that it’s allowed, that we can afford, that there’s not typhoon. So many things to be grateful. Also, I reminded them that we usually get this feeling on day 1 of getting to a new place, as we haven’t found the highlight of it, but usually by day 2 or 3, we get to enjoy it fully.

After some rest in the room, girls went to adventure zone (indoor playground with huge slides) for 2 hours. Hubby and I went to the beach. I just lied down and did nothing. He explored the water and saw all kind of sea creature including sea snakes.

Around 5:40pm I went to see the girls and they were having fun up and down.

We left at 6pm planning to explore the restaurant but when we called they said it was full and only opening by 8pm. That packed!!! So we made reservation for the next day and went to the room to order room service while girls watched cartoon. They probably enjoyed it more, which is fine with me. Light out by 8:30 pm and we all slept soundly.

6 more days to go! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Day 1 at Cebu

  1. How exciting! I hope you all enjoy the trip and get some much-needed time to unwind and get refreshed.

    I love your observation about: “not finding the highlight yet.” This is so true and a helpful form of perspective. There is almost always a highlight from any experience and I can find it easy to get discouraged right out of the gate when I don’t discover it immediately!

    Have fun 🙂


  2. Enjoy!! I always feel a little out of sorts on my first day in a new place too. You don’t know where anything is, the vibe or feeling of everything yet, etc. I always feel mildly uncomfortable at the very beginning in a new place! But then it is always great. Have fun!!


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