Day 2 in Cebu: time flies

A good sign of having fun is that I realized it was end of the day when I just had time to just be. What exactly we did? Not much. The key was doing everything without rush nor schedule and just continue until it feels like doing something else.

We all woke up around 6am, snuggled in bed until 7am, and then 7:30am hubby took the girls out to the beach to do homework to give me just solo time.

8:30am I went to the gym. Did 60min Pilates type workout and walked on the treadmill for 20min. Meanwhile hubby took the girls to start breakfast or brunch.

I met them at the restaurant around 10am. They were all in food coma. Hahaha that’s what happen when it’s buffet. I got some food before they closed, and leisurely eat until 10:30am.

Change in the room and we got to the beach 10:45am. I did nothing again.

12pm I got some work emails that I had to address. I asked hubby for 2hrs in the room alone so I can focus and finish.

2:30pm girls got back and changed to go to Halloween painting.

I went back to the beach alone while hubby took a long nap. While at the beach, I talked with my BFF and it was time to pick up the girls. They just finished their piece of art. Sofia painted a picachu and lizzy a monster.

4-5pm Sofia had mandarin lesson and we all tested. Then 5pm we went to the pool to enjoy the sunset. 6pm was already dark and we got back to the room . Room service was delivered and enjoyed with cartoon time.

Although I didn’t do much I was sleepy before 8pm. I slept 9hrs, felt amazing!!!

2 thoughts on “Day 2 in Cebu: time flies

  1. Looks lovely! It is getting cold where I live (Eastern Canada), and I am already dreaming of a warm sunny destination. Don’t think it will happen this winter, but maybe a last-minute deal and relaxed restrictions and everything will come together for a last minute trip?! I can dream at least…


  2. Ahhh sounds amazing! So nice to have a mix of solo time and family time. I love taking some time on beach trips to just sit and look out at the water by myself. You’re lucky to get so many beach trips!! 🙂


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