Day 3: soaking the sun

A beach centered day. The sun in cebu is definitely stronger than other places we’ve been. Even with hat and sunglass and umbrella I feel like the sun is on me directly. No wonder husband got sunburn. At least they had fun doing a lot of snorkeling.

My morning started again with gym (loving working out without rush) and breakfast. Options are rather limited but at least a got a good combo of veggies, eggs and fruit. I couldn’t finish the plate of veggies

By 11am we were camped at the beach. I spent most of the day reading bill gates book on climate change, half leisure half work related. I enjoyed it more than I expected.

Girls did snorjling with daddy several rounds. Lizzy was so into it and kept asking for more

The white powdery sun in the Philippines is something I will miss a lot when we leave. I don’t think we will do any beach for a long while 🙂 when I tell my friends that we are going to another beach trip, they wonder if I will eve bored of it. I said how can you get bored of this view? It would be a crime not to take advantage of it

While Sofia had a Kumon lesson I went to the gym for some walk. It felt right to move after a whole day lied down.

Room service and lights out 8:30pm. Sweet dream amid the symphony of snoring 😂

Definitely enjoying the not amazing first impression destination! 😀

2 thoughts on “Day 3: soaking the sun

  1. I’m so glad – after your first impression – things are going so nicely. How could time spent at a beach that gorgeous not bring a smile. Everyone looks so happy.
    And gold star to you for spending so much time in the gym on vacation! Impressive. I usually do a lot of walking on vacations (both city and beach-based), but basically never seek out a gym. It sounds like even the workouts feel more relaxed though…and what a nice view when you’re done and it’s time to relax.

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