Day 4: chasing anniversary photo

It’s our 6th anniversary today and we failed to take a picture. Hahaha. But we made sure it was a day full of love and couple times. The girls wanted to do monster box decorating so we enjoyed our couple times for 90min while they were busy painting. Then we came to the beach until the girls had mask decorating at 2:30pm. I had to work from 2-4:30pm but it didn’t bother me too much as it was helping my mentor/boss. It’s funny how different person makes me feel so different regarding working during weekend or vacation time. I’d say 90% of the time I avoid working in non working days, especially during family vacation. But during this trip I had to work as I’m leading a big project and can’t drop it just because I’ve decided to come to the beach. I don’t trust anyone enough to delegate as the stakes are high, so in this case I work because I feel responsible for my project. A favor to my boss didn’t even feel like a favor, but felt like an honor. In a organization where management keeps telling bosses to seek work life balance of their teams, my boss and mentor still asks for my help on my vacation. I know it is because he trusts me the most and he’s too busy to train someone else when I’m just a text away. He has shaped who I am today so I’m forever in debt with him and feel happy to help him whenever I can. So while I had to work, I was happy doing it. He also showed appreciation afterwards which was just cherry to the top.

Lizzy was trying to make a big heart for me and daddy to take a picture. But the sun was so strong that we couldn’t open our eyes to take a good picture. The plan was to take it during sunset but it was raining so no picture.

6 years since we got married and almost 7 since we reunited. Each year feels easier for us. We are as in love as we were 7 years ago, and we know what other persons like and dislike. I finally accept his flaws and stop attempting or hoping to change them. He never really asked me to change anything, it was always me. This is such a difficult process but I feel like we are getting better with time.

My BFF asked me if we do dates. I said.. maybe massage dates? We don’t do dining out dates often as we always want to include the girls when we dine out and we enjoy cooking together. We also don’t necessarily have daily catch up session. Yet, we do find moments of couple time here and there spontaneously. An evening walk, going to the groceries store, pick up something from a friend, couple massage every week, etc. they feel natural and not forced. Ideally I’d like us to take short trips, but with the pandemic is not easy. So during our trips when we have 1 or 2 hours of alone time, we cherish them.

Girls enjoyed two episodes of baby sitters club with their newly painted masks. I know it’s more TV time than usual, but they enjoy it so much and gives parents a relaxing evening.

Last thing they did was a face mask. So relaxing and a bit of relief after a day under the sun.

Unfortunately I had some COVID symptoms after too much activity in the gym. I tried 30 min of treadmill, 5 min walking 5 min jogging. I felt fine. But I also did 45 min Pilates type workout, which might have passed my threshold. Or i thought it did and triggered a stress response. Main symptom was nasal congestion, mucus, and tiredness. Not too bad and I kind of know its course forward. Unfortunately I didn’t sleep well as Sofia woke up 1am and kept tossing until probably 2:30am. Oh well…. The downside of traveling with the family is that good night sleep is in high risk. Not a big deal though, as long as we are all exhausted from the day, everyone ignores everyone’s tossing and snoring 🙂

2 thoughts on “Day 4: chasing anniversary photo

  1. Happy anniversary!! Sofia looks so big in that first picture! Like a pre-teen. Eek! 🙂 how nice that you two got some couple time. And what a perfect place to celebrate your anniversary, at the beach! So were you guys together, then split, then back together again some years later? (You don’t have to answer that! Just curious).


  2. Happy Anniversary! Glad you got some special alone time. And facial masks – what a fun idea. I bet my daughter would LOVE to do this. Maybe a stocking stuffer this year for Christmas?
    Hope you’re feeling better soon – you’ve been through a lot with COVID. Praying rest and beach weather will help move the dial toward recovery.


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