Day 7: leaving the sun

Our flight was 3:40pm so we enjoyed a slow morning. Staying longer in bed than normal, gym, breakfast, packing and then 1.5 hrs on the beach. It’s holidays Monday and Tuesday in the Philippines, so the hotel was quite busy this last day. I think I enjoy the empty hotel more. When there are too many around me, some of them bring their own music, the beach is less serene and kind of party scene. Maybe it’s the pandemic that changed my preference. Now, I prefer quiet beach where I can just close my eyes and listen to the sound of waves. It’s so soothing.

Girls spent some time in entertainment zone for the last time, got some candies and were ok that we’d miss the Halloween party the next day. Kids are so easy to satisfy! 🙂

Our return flight was delayed for 30 min, which is normal from Cebu. We got home just before 7pm because Manila traffic is bad for real! Miss those pandemic lack-of-traffic drives.

Things that I enjoy doing on vacation:

  • slow mornings. Nowhere to rush, no schedule to follow. The real “deadline” is the breakfast buffet time (the later the better).
  • exercise without rush. I’d say I averaged 1.5-2 hrs at the gym during this trip. 30 min on the TM max few times, the rest of the time I’d do my own workout on a yoga mat and taking frequent breaks.
  • clean room every afternoon. 4 people in a room can make a lot of mess so everyday after the room is clean, I get so happy.
  • beach feel. It’s humid, it’s hot, it’s sandy, the sound of constant, but I absolutely love it. the combination is what I need to relax.
  • heavy blanket. I know.. it’s silly but both hubby and I noticed how comfy is the hotel blanket. it’s thick, heavy but not too hot. At home, we use something really light because it’s so hot and we don’t turn AC too cold.
  • girls having fun by themselves. These two can go everywhere by themselves and come back so happy.
  • watch YouTube and read articles that I don’t usually do as they are not something I want to waste my time during normal life. So they feel especially indulgent during vacation.

With all what we love in this trip, girls were happy to be home, so do I. The comfort of home is elevated after a week away. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Day 7: leaving the sun

  1. Totally agree that crowded beaches are not my favorite at all!! I get so annoyed if people sit in front of me or block my view of the ocean, and I also don’t usually like listening to other people’s music!! Haha. Sounds like it was a perfect little getaway. Makes me think of a time my husband and I went to a tiny beach town in Mexico in a not-touristy area (Not a big resort, just a small 3 bedroom inn on the beach) and we were the only ones there!! We had the whole beach to ourselves and it was crazy! So nice. Literally there was no one else for as far as we could see. 🙂


  2. Sounds like an amazing vacation – I think I was in that reaort for an overnight stay 27 years ago or something like that. My sister lives is Cebu so I am familiar with it. I think maybe also we start craving silence as we get a bit older? I for sure love silence now because when the kids are home, there is a lot of noise. Also we are in the “rush hour” of life so I gravitate towards calming things as well.


  3. I’m so glad you got this time in the sun! Your girls seem so contented, and just a great time to reconnect as a family and also enjoy the benefits of sunshine and some relaxation!

    Hope lots of those vacation vibes come home with you!


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