Holidays continues & Sept, Oct books

We had two more days of relax once we got back as Monday was holidays. We didn’t particularly celebrated Halloween but Lizzy made up a cast and asked us to write messages on it. So creative. I spent the Sunday binge watching Netflix (Married life) as I was post-vacation fatigue. hahaha….. I was sleepy and tired the whole day and got warm (99F) as well. I told hubby that I’m not fit for non-beach life anymore. My body needs to be by the sea. ๐Ÿ˜€ Fortunately after a day of complete rest and 9.5 hrs of sleep, I felt well on Monday.

Monday event was lunch at a good friends’ place, Girls played with their kids leaving the adults having lunch and chat leisurely.

Then hubby and I went to have couple massage, our favorite “date” lately.

I got to think what things we love doing together and the list was longer than I first thought

  • cooking together
  • take walks
  • watch movies
  • family trips
  • listen to our songs
  • host friends at our place
  • golfing
  • massages
  • run errands. this one actually takes a lot of time together. I don’t always join him but he always asks me.

I had good two months of reading. Among these, my favorite ones were Ryan Holiday’s Stillness is the key, and The education of an idealist.

Stillness is the key (4/5): I didn’t read it at once, but reading few chapters a day to remind me to slowdown and reflect what really matters. It gives raw perspective of life.

The education of an idealist (5/5): I don’t remember who recommended it but after few chapters I was really hooked. It’s a memoire about a conflict area journalist that then became the UN ambassador for the US during Obama administration. It was a good read to understand those countries, their issues, the kind of support they need, diplomacy. I also like that she’s open and honest about the difficulties of working mom, her insecurities along the way, and her relationship with Obama (not romantic of course). It elevates the purpose of one’s life beyond his/her own. We can do so much to contribute to the world. The process not only gives us purpose but also make other daily troubles insignificant. And most of all, being an idealist is not being naive, but to keep doing what’s we believe it’s right.

Sally Rooney’s new novel was a quick read. I enjoyed it while I read it but kind of getting bored of her characters. Throughout her three books, the characters are similar and the plot expected. I hope her next novel is better.

Tuesday is still holidays for me but girls will start school. A new tutor for Lizzy is starting today too. let’s see if we like her.

2 thoughts on “Holidays continues & Sept, Oct books

  1. Ooh the massage sounds so nice. I havenโ€™t had a massage in ages. Nice that you and husband can do that together. I like your little list of things you enjoy doing with husband! Cute. ๐Ÿ™‚ Itโ€™s good to reflect on that. My husband and I have quite a lot of differences in our personalities too, so I also like to step back and realize that there still are many things we enjoy together as well.


  2. Wow! What a reading stack.

    I’ve had to take a giant step back from my book pile – there are just not enough hours in the day. Thankfully, I fit in A LOT of reading the first 1/2 of the year, so feel less guilty about not reading every day. I’m very intrigued by The Education of an Idealist and will add to my growing “To Read” list!

    Also, post-vacation fatigue is SO real. Moving forward I want to make sure I always have buffer after vacation before starting back to work/life. It’s a hard transition and there is all the work of settling back in, unpacking, re-stocking the fridge. And, I often don’t get as much sleep on vacation because we do fun things later at night or I’m not used to the bed etc. Either way, 9.5 hours sounds like a great solution! I’m hoping for about the length of sleep tonight myself ๐Ÿ™‚


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