Quick update: so many good news!

This week flied by so quickly. Between work, meditating several times a day to calm my anxiety, and preparing for our upcoming trip, we are at the end of the week as we fly out tomorrow at 6:30am. We are going to el nido Palawan again. Usually we don’t go back to places, especially when there are so many islands to visit in the Philippines. But this trip will be very special as we are going with the most important people to us during our stay in the Philippines. They inspired me, helped me, challenged me, and most of all allowed me to discover my potential to aim higher. So it’s an honor to go back to the most beautiful island with them. We are super excited. Because who they are I can’t share with my friends and colleagues. So we will keep it semi secret 🙂

Lizzy’s new tutor is good. She was a bit shy in the first day but by day 3 she’s definitely more confident to ask Lizzy to focus on class. We will have her back next week.

Big news: we might go to hybrid learning in 10 days! This is a happy surprise that I was not expecting. Still many things can change in 10 days but we are hopeful it might actually happen. Local cases went down to 1500 from over 50k few months ago. Finger crossed! It will be game changer.

Another good news: our previous driver found a job. He will work for a colleague friend who I gave excellent reference and also beg her to hire him. What a relief. Somehow we feel responsible for him so I’m glad he will have a job when we leave.

Finally good news: we have our Christmas trip booked. We are going to siargao with the friend family we love traveling with for a full week. I really like traveling with them because they arrange all the activities and do the planning so I just enjoy and relax.

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