Paradise stay: El Nido Miniloc

We are sadly back from the paradise. It has been a true BLAST to spend 4 days in the paradise with my favorite people in the Philippines, maybe top in the rank in the whole world. We all enjoyed it so much and it was so special in all fronts.

We had a big boat for our group called Winter 2. What a special name. With two amazing skillful but quiet boat man and our guide Oliver who was the best photographer ever! 😀

This is the sunrise view from our seaside room. Honestly, how can I ever leave this place???

We did the big lagoon on day 2 6am, clear water, so quiet and just stunning view. We saw a baby shark too

Unlike last year, Sofia is my kayak body and let me rest quite a few time.

We had lunch at beach the second day. Amazing spot.

a cave visit that we couldn’t do last year due to a storm we faced.

this is called Mickey Mouse cave

Because our friend has a 6 years old son, the girls spent more time in the pool this trip. They just get along so well.

we did secret lagoon and snorkeling as well. Last time we didn’t do snorkeling for some reason other than by the resort, this trip we went to a spot with such a rich marine life. I was amazed how colorful it was. I didn’t want to get up.

kayak everyday. our favorite transportation method.

sunset view from the restaurant.

food was soooooo good. Everyday was different and some highlights. Look this gigantic fish.

and oyster.

By day 3, we all admit that we ate too much.. hahah….. but food was soooo good and we got to enjoy it right ?

snake island in a sunny day, beautiful.

When we left, Sofia was so sad and asked me if we could go back one more time before we leave the Philippines. I was so tempted to so yes, honestly I also want to come back to the paradise.

It was such a bonding experience with the others. I enjoyed so much lingering at the dining table throughout our 3 meals a day. This will be memorable for all of us. And what’s also amazing? I had zero symptoms during this trip, ZERO, NADA, even though we were doing activities everyday and talking long hours. I think I am officially covid-recovered. 😀

5 thoughts on “Paradise stay: El Nido Miniloc

  1. I’m so glad you’re feeling better! I really hope that’s the last of any lingering symptoms.

    These pictures! Everything is so gorgeous. The water, the sunsets. That weather. It just all looks lovely. We’re all wearing winter coats and hats on our morning walk to school, so this is really making me wish I lived in a sunny destination.


  2. Looks so amazing!!! The last time you went there I wrote down the name on my someday/maybe list, hahahaha. Realistically I doubt I’ll ever make it way over there, but who knows! 😁 And are you ever going to tell us where you are all going to next?? For work/to live I mean?? Too much suspense! Hahaha.


  3. Those lagoons…! I was just daydreaming yesterday about our next trip to the Phils. We will definitely go to Palawan next time we are there, and I was wondering if we should stay in Miniloc or do a cheaper option and stay at another resort and then just do an overnight trip to the lagoons. It seems like a few days seems to short for such an amazing place?


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