Flying week

It’s Thursday in Manila and don’t know where the time went. So let’s do a mini recap and some reflections.

  • Lizzy had a dentist appointment that lasted almost two hours. It was excruciating for me to listen to her scream and cry. Honestly, every time I come I complain to husband that I don’t want to be here listening to this, my heart is breaking and he should be here instead. Yet, next time appointment time comes, I want to be there for Lizzy and be the first one to hug her and comfort her. When she came out, her lips were swollen, there was mark on her face from the devise that gives her “laughing gas”. She was joyful and proud of her self. Yet, I was devastated. On the way home, I reminded myself how lucky I am to have a healthy baby, that her pain is just temporary. At home, while they had dinner, I told them how lucky we are to even can afford medical care, that poor kids cannot even go to dentist when they have tooth ache. I shocked me that still at 40 yrs old mom of 9 and 5.5 girls, I am still so much affected by witnessing their temporary pain.
  • I tried jogging this week. Today is the 3rd day. I go slow, jog for 1 mile, walk a bit, jog for another mile and stop. I run like a turtle but I’m so happy to be back jogging. So far all good! Tomorrow I’ll do a stress eco test, basically run at a treadmill and do a heart echo right after to see if all good with my heart under exercise stress. Hopefully nothing to be found. 😀
  • Both girls are going to school next week for orientation. Sofia for 2 hrs on Monday and Lizzy for 4 hrs on Thursday. They are both super excited and I really hope the hybrid learning starts the following week. In fact, the whole morning class today will be about hybrid learning. Is this the start of back to normal life?
  • How do I feel about lying or omitting facts? As I mentioned, I can’t tell others who I went to el Nido with. So when I got texts from colleagues when I was there, I really felt bad for omitting/lying about our trip. Because our girls play with my colleague friends, if any of them asked my girls, they’ll probably answer truthfully unless I tell them to lie, which I don’t want to. I am still debating how to tell the girls to tell white lies. Any suggestion?
  • Gift shopping: I am procrastinating it. Husband birthday is in 1 month and I have no clue what to get him yet. Although we will be out during Christmas on a trip, I still want to give them the experience of Santa when we come back. Need to get it started.

missing the beach already 😦

3 thoughts on “Flying week

  1. It is so hard to watch kids in pain! I don’t think it ever gets easier. Dental pain is extra tough. One of my kiddos has had a few dental issues and it was AGONIZING. They’re so helpless lying there and you know how vulnerable it is to be in a chair with lights shining in your face and having sensitive gums poked and prodded with needles. It’s very disconcerting. Ugh.

    I actually had a lot of dental issues as a kid (adult teeth growing in behind baby teeth so I had a lot of extractions) – ironically enough I didn’t mind it that much and have a very high pain tolerance now; I’ve had wisdom teeth removed and a handful of cavities and I actually like the excuse to relax and lie down for an hour without feeling guilty!

    That’s a tough situation about your work colleagues. I don’t ever have my kids “lie” but I do sometimes coach them on how to skirt issues (for example, we have a neighbour with a pool, but our kids are the only ones in the neighbourhood with a blanket invitation to use it. I tell my kids not to tell others about the pool because it’s not our news to share. So far, so good. But if someone asked outright…I would have them tell the truth. Very tough situation.

    Glad you’ve been able to jog again and I hope the stress tests all point in favour of that continuing.


  2. Hope the stress echo goes well! Good to have that done.

    And that is exciting about the hybrid learning!! I can’t believe how long your girls have been doing remote learning now. Crazy!! The boys were back already most of last year, and everywhere in the U.S. has been back in person this whole school year. I hope it goes well- they probably need that more than they even realize! They will be so happy to be back.

    No advice on the gift shopping- I’m in the same boat! I’m hoping that this weekend I can sit down and really devote some time to getting going on that. I have zero ideas for my husband for Christmas either…


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