5 things Friday

1. I had the stress echo done this morning. It took 2 hrs. While the nurse was taking the baseline echo, she had hard time finding something. After 20 min she left the room and came back with a more senior nurse. It freaked me out. Did she find something unusual that need consultation? So I asked what’s happening. The seasoned nurse said: oh you have a bone here and she can’t find the opening. OMG, she should have told me!!! Anyway I think the echo went well and I didn’t feel anything special when reading 92% of my maximum HR. I was already panting and my Hr wouldn’t go up so i gave up trying to get to 100%. Results will be out next week. Finger crossed.

2. I just finished a 3 hrs dinner meeting with 3 colleagues. The cake was nice. The topic of the dinner was politics, my least favorite topic. At least my girls had a fun play date with my colleague daughter. My takeaway is when i wonder if I’d enjoy the dinner/company, that’s a good sign that I probably won’t. Need to remember when next invite comes.

3. Sofia is going back to soccer! Yay! Two sessions tomorrow. Once her regular session one with two old classmates. So excited for her.

4. I booked a facial followed by a massage this Sunday! First facial for a long time!

5. I made this simple vegetable soup last night and really enjoyed it. It’s made with carrot, pumpkin, sweet potato, celery, broccoli and frozen peas. So simple but so satisfying. Not that Manila is a good place to have soup, but for some reason eating something hot equals comfort to me. The key for a comforting soup is to have starchy vegetables, and blend half of it.

2 thoughts on “5 things Friday

  1. Praying the test results come back with only positive news!

    The soup looks delicious; I love a good veggie soup and I completely agree about pureeing some of it. It really helps to make things rich and creamy.


  2. Hoping the results all come back fine! I’m sure they will. 🙂

    I’ve never had a facial, ever! Haha! I had that on my list for things to do in 2021 but I don’t think it’s going to happen, at this point. Oh well. Maybe next year?


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