New haircut and back to “life”

We had a great weekend, it started with a drastic haircut on Saturday. I booked a lady to come to our home to cut for the girls but she got sick and couldn’t come. Since I already told them it’s hair cut day, I did it myself. Due to inexperience, I cut it shorter than we discussed. The reaction from the girls were quite different. Sofia looked up and say, not bad and went away to show to daddy. Lizzy on the other hand saw herself in the mirror and started crying and then locked her up. She was not happy about it at all! To be fair, hers is shorter than Sofia but both hubby and I thought it looks well on her. For some reason she associates short hair with boys, so she has been grumpy everyday since the cut. Oh well…. let’s hope she accepts the reality soon.

It made wonder if we are attached to few things that is really not a big deal. Hair grows back, friendship gets repair, conflict gets resolved, people move on. But at the moment, we have hard time to let it go.

On the positive side, life is getting back to normal in Manila. Shopping malls are opened to kids already. Girls can’t wait to get back to toy store.

I had 2 hours alone with Lizzy after hair cut as Sofia went to soccer. She was in good mood when seeing all the beautiful decorations in the mall

we had coffee and croissant together.

bought few things as compensatory gift hahah

Sunday was low-key. Sofia baked some peanut butter cookies for the family. She’s a pro now.

Lunch was pizza for the girls, soy pancakes with curry for daddy, and a big salad for mommy (first one for a long time)

I made a green dressing and half way used some nori sheets to make wraps. YUM

We also watched Red Notice and enjoyed it. On Sunday I jogged for 22 min nonstop, first time for a long time as well. I felt a bit tired and anxious afterwards, but no full blown relapse like last time, so good progress. And I kept 9 hrs Sunday night.

Things to look forward this week:

  • school orientation for the girls!!! They are super excited
  • Sofia’s good friend family is back so we look forward to meet them again
  • Hopefully I hear back from the 3 jobs I applied?
  • Husband going away for a short trip alone, thus 24 hrs just the girls.

One thought on “New haircut and back to “life”

  1. Wow! So much covered in here…

    Love the food pictures – the salad looks delicious. I love huge salads as a complete meal, but have been off my game in preparing them lately. Also, Sofia’s cookies look professional – how old is she?! Gold stars to her.

    I will only trim my daughters hair now (so no major cutting) and refuse to touch my sons after some COVID haircuts I did that did not go well…I always cut my husband’s though! That’s so cute that there were some gifts to help soothe the experience.

    Love all the decorations from the mall. I usually aim to have a small artificial tree up in the family room by mid-November but this year…I’m not feeling it. Somehow I’m just not in the mood/don’t have the energy. We’ll see if it happens. There is still a long time until Christmas, I just have been in the habit of getting a small one up before my son’s birthday, which would require me to get it up this Thursday, likely, because of busy schedules after that.

    Glad you fit in the longer run and hope you’re able to keep building up stamina! Good luck with the job applications and I’m SO happy that the girls are able to start getting back into the schooling routine. That’s wonderful news.


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