Act of love

I am still catching up on work and life duties after our trip but wanted to pop in for a quick post because my hubby did the sweetest thing for me this morning.

I am a light sleeper and woke up 4:30am when our cat started miaoying. It doesn’t happen often but it happens. I was very annoyed and trying hard to get back to sleep for just a bit longer. But she kept going and didn’t seem to stopping anytime soon. So I told hubby, can you do something about it? He got up, very sleepy and went out. Cookie stopped miaoying. I half slept for 30 min and then got up aroun d 5:15am. I went out to the living room, it was all dark and I wondered where they were. Then I saw hubby on the coach, sleeping with Cookie in his lap. It literally melt my heart.

Hubby doesn’t tell me he loves me often but his actions speak for it loud. 😀

Girls are in school today, it’s a quiet house. I hope to catch up with everything before they come back. 😉

What’s act of love have you received recently?

2 thoughts on “Act of love

  1. Back in school – three cheers!

    And those little acts of kindness from a spouse, loved one, or friend really do mean so much! My “love language” is acts of service and things like this have a disproportionate impact on me feeling loved and appreciated…


  2. Awww, that’s very sweet. It’s great that you recognize and reflect on those types of things. I think some people might not even notice smaller acts of love or sacrifice like that, so it’s really great that you do. I’m sure your husband appreciates that, too.


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