5 random things/thoughts

  1. I forgot to share my biggest BS jump and it was not food related. It was on our way to Bohol last week. We left home two hours before a domestic flight thinking that we would have plenty of time. But to our surprise, traffic was bad and we arrived checking counter 5 min before they closed. All the way to the airport I was soooo nervous. When we finally got to the gate, I checked my BS and it had spiked over 50 pts.

2. A series of misfortune yesterday put me and hubby in bad mood. He was supposed to pick me up at groceries store. But he misheard where I went and went to a different store. As result, we missed our couple massage appointment. both of us were in bad mood. Instead of blaming each other, we both just kept silent to ourselves for the rest of the day instead of lashing out the frustration. This morning we are back to normal. Sometimes it’s okay to feel not-ok, and conflict doesn’t always need a resolution other than time.

3. Lizzy is mastering kumon and even asked for extra exercise when she was “bored”.

4. I found a popcorn surprise advent calendar in the store and girls had so much fun trying a mysterious flavor.

5. I started a new book written by Tom Hans, and I must say he’s a surprisingly talented writer as well.

2 thoughts on “5 random things/thoughts

  1. I have never heard of a popcorn advent calendar. I feel like they literally make an advent calender of anything these days – I saw one in a store this morning that has 12 days of socks! I happen to love socks, but 12 news pairs feels like…a lot!


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