Weekend highlights & being bullied at school

This weekend was relaxing and sport centered. Saturday Sofia had soccer. Sunday I did my first 10km since COVID, what a big milestone. I started running 30 min 2-3 times a week two weeks ago, this past week I run 45 min once, and yesterday I decided to try 60 min to see how I feel. I went out first for 30 min run to let Sofia sleep a bit longer. I bumped into a colleague and we run and chatted for 2 miles before I went home to pick up Sofia. We finished together after me running for 65 min, 10km, slow pace but consistent. I did feel tired afterwards, took a long bath. I am so grateful that COVID is finally behind me. After some rest, the whole family went to golf. We really would like to have a family activity/sport, so after some encouragement Lizzy is willing to give it a try. Obviously she’s little and the clap could be heavy for her, so we just kept encouraging her to hit the ball and don’t worry about the distance. she did great! Sofia took lessons, first time since March?, and surprisingly she’s so good at it. Her form is better than mine and just beautiful to watch her swing.

2 hours later, everybody satisfied and sweaty, we went home for lunch.

Girls went to a playdate while hubby and I went to couple massage to end the weekend. What a relaxing time being at home. It’s great that we travel a lot but low key days at home is also nice.

I want to share about being bullied at high school because recently two high school classmates from Argentina reached out to me via FB apologizing for bullying me. Honestly I think it is more important for them than for me. I don’t feel I am “damaged” by them, actually it made me a stronger and more resilient person. But it must have been a heavy weight for them for decades. It was the typical case. I was the only foreigner in class, good with grades, and not socializing much with the big group. I met my BFF there too and still BFF 20 years later. Yes, there might be some passive aggression, name calling, but I don’t think it ever affected me much.

It led me to think that as parents we want to protect our kids from any type of harm. yet, allowing them to confront conflicts themselves would be a greater lesson for life. It’s hard, really hard for me to see them suffer, but it’s my duty to equip them with tools to confront life challenges, including how to resolve conflicts with their peers. I hope I’m there to support them when they tell me about it. I never shared those bullies I received with my parents, not out of shame, but more to not worry them.

Today Monday, I’ll be home most of the day alone and I’m super excited, hehe. Girls go to school, hubby goes to a golf tournament. 😀 Will enjoy the silent for few hours.

2 thoughts on “Weekend highlights & being bullied at school

  1. Bullying is such a tough topic to handle as a parent. I do want my kids to learn to stand up for themselves when others are being mean, and I do want them to learn how to handle certain levels of conflict on their own…but it’s hard to balance it all. There is a lot of drama in my daughter’s age group, but none of it seems to be remotely close to bullying yet (mostly just girls being girls at age 10.5), but I’m keeping a VERY close eye on it.

    Great job on the run. The weather looks so lovely! It is supposed to be sunny and warm tomorrow and I’m hoping to fit in a my first, long outdoor run in weeks. It has been raining, snowing, or just really cloudy and cold lately.

    Golf looks fun. We’re going to do downhill skiing for a family winter sport/activity, and then in the summer walking/hiking/swimming at the lake is about all we do in that sense. But my husband likes to golf and it feels like a very family-friendly sport to do together.


  2. Impressive to run that much and far after quite a while “off” from long distance running! I guess you’ve still got it. 😉 yay for getting back to golf. It sounds like your husband really likes to golf… will it be a big disappointment for him if you guys move somewhere colder, where you can’t really golf year round?


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