Wonderful day

We had a great start of our vacation. First hubby and I saw the sunrise while swinging in our hammock. How beautiful way to start the day. I told myself how lucky we are living this life, grateful and in love

Then we departed at 7:30 for our morning fishing adventure

None of us are good at it but we came anyway because hubby loves fishing. We did bottom fishing and waited. In 3 hours we caught 10 fishes, big and small. The largest two I got, which means fishing is pure luck for us.

As we caught one by one, hubby joyfully killed and cleaned them. The joy and satisfaction in his face made this trip so worth it. And I had an epiphany, loving is doing things to make the other person happy while enjoying seeing it, just like parents seeing kids to enjoy what they are doing. If I can only love my husband as I love my girls, wouldn’t it be easier? Food for thought 🙂

Meanwhile Lizzy complained 90% of the time as she was a bit sea sick and didn’t find fishing so fun. Yet she collaborated for our full 4 hours trip.

Once back, hubby and me took a restful afternoon while girls played with their friends in the pool and the beach. Very relaxing for everyone

Then hubby and I took a walk along the beach to enjoy the sunset and ended our day with bbq buffet at the beach and our fresh caught fish as “dessert”

Girls watched few minutes of beach cinema before going back to room for a sound and deep sleep

Paradise life.

This morning I read a post about 5 words to describe my current state of life, which changed over the years.

In my 20s:





In love



What are yours? In

One thought on “Wonderful day

  1. What a romantic morning, to watch the sunrise together. I don’t think we have ever watched a sunrise together. And hahaha about the fishing- as I read the first line about “we went fishing”, I thought – huh! I wouldn’t have envisioned her liking fishing. 😆 And then your next line said “none of us are any good at it”. Lol! I called it. Haha. Well, I always think anytime you can be out on the water/in a boat is always so nice. So even if you don’t like fishing, you can still enjoy the experience of being out on the sea.

    I’m not sure about my 5 words. I’ll have to think about that! I like yours. 🙂


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