Weekend yumminess

When I am relaxed and we stay home, I like to cook for the family. My love language involves YUMMY FOOD! 😀 Saturday started with Belgium waffle.

That’s probably Sofia’s favorite breakfast item, especially from hotels. It’s not that hard to make, just 30 min can bring up so much joy. I should do it more often.

After breakfast, hubby took the girls to soccer and left me solo at home, my favorite moments! 😀 I catch up with blog reading, called my mom, and prepared focaccia for lunch (the prep started the night before). Look how much it has raised. It feels so good to touch the dough

after baking, look the wholes!!! Holy Moly, i didn’t know I can make restaurant grade focaccia. I’m so proud!!!

Our lunch, left side italian, right side chinese. Perfect combo to make everyone happy.

After lunch, I took Lizzy to ENT doctor. This girl has the “dirtiest” ear ever. Hubby tries to clean it often but sometimes it’s just too much so we scheduled a visit for a deep cleaning.

I woke up sore on Saturday (when will weight training ever stop making sore???) so hubby and I went to a deep tissue massage in the afternoon. My muscles felt even more sore. Low key evening, dinner, reading, and time out.

I woke up rested on Sunday. My new habit of charging the phone at the bathroom is working well. I took Sofia and her friend for a 4 miles run around the neighborhood and did another 5 miles after I dropped them home. Slow and steady run is my favorite.

Sore legs soaked in magnesium salt while I called my mom. I realized that the more we talk, the more topics we have to talk about. If we talk once a week, I’ll just give her highlights and updates, when we talk everyday I tell her what we eat and girls activities, same from her. A key ingredient for a good relationship is to create the space to share our life musings/thoughts, isn’t it? The same happens with husband. This past week we spent more time together doing things, and there are a lot of space for spontaneous sharing, it brings us closer. When I see a cute cat on the street napping, I’d take a pic and send him to share the moment of joy. Friendship in adulthood is hard because our life gets busy and we have less time to chat/share with our friends our daily happenings… no wonder there are so many articles about how hard is to make new friends. I don’t stress about it because I feel I have enough people in my life that matters to me, even keeping those relationship strong takes time and effort. If new friendship happens, happens, if not, I am happy with my current set of friends who are in 3 continents.

back to yummy food. On Sunday, while girls were at soccer again I used up basil from Sofia’s school project to make a focaccia sandwich with pesto and roasted vegetables.

husband said it was divine. We invited Sofia’s friend over for lunch before they went to a birthday party in the afternoon.

Hubby and I went to a mall for some window shopping. I realized that I detect shopping malls even more than before pandemic. I told him, we should not come back. hahaha….

Once home, I got back into reading, 6th book of this month. The more I read, the more I want to read. I cancelled Netflix as we rarely watch anything on it.

I took Sofia out for a walk after dinner and she talked nonstop. One thing that I notice is that she notices others kindness often. Her teacher, people on the street, old helper, etc. She rarely complains about others. I love that she focus on the brightness of people instead of the negative part. If we seek kindness, it’s easy to find it everywhere.

3 thoughts on “Weekend yumminess

  1. Your food always looks SO good. I love waffles, too. I make them every Friday night for supper (oatmeal based and dairy free!), and boy…I agree with Sofia – they are a hard meal to beat!


  2. Omg that bread looks amazing!! Can you share a recipe?? My husband would go nuts over that bread. Looks like such a nice weekend day!! It’s so cold here right now- I miss walking with the boys. Winter doesn’t really bother me but I do feel like we are kind of stuck inside a lot more, especially right now with below 0 Fahrenheit temps… I love your comment about talking to your mom. I can’t imagine how you survive not seeing her!! I would be so sad. I see my parents a lot, thankfully. I hope you can see your mom soon. I’m glad to hear you are talking so frequently. That’s special.


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