Sad but not sad

I’ve been tired the last two days… not really sure why. Is it hormonal? do you get more tired around ovulation or post ovulation? It seems to be the case for me and it’s reflected in my readiness in oura. Thus, I’ve been doing gentler exercise and just rest and sleep more. I have been sleeping so well and easily fall back into sleep after getting up to go to the bathroom. The phone checking was the culprit and I’m glad I figured it out (although quite obvious).

Work wise has been relaxed and Sofia is enjoying me staying at home to be her company during her breaks/lunch time.

This week I’m trying to get Lizzy to finish her kumon before playing after she comes back from pod, otherwise she’s always tired by dinner time and still needs to do it. So far, she hasn’t complained. It’s so cute that she still uses her fingers when doing math.

Sofia asked me if I’m sad to leave Manila. I said not really. Of course, there are many things I love about our stay here: the school, our condo, the convenience of living in an expat bubble, all the beaches, the kindness of the people, having helpers to take care of the house, friends that we made, and the lack of cold months so we can actually go out everyday. Yet, I’m not sad because I know we will love our next place just as much. Of course, there will be an adjustment period (just like we did when we came here and got frustrated with how things are run here, super inefficient compared to the US), but eventually we will start enjoying a different lifestyle, culture, and new places to explore.

I’ve had quite a few transitions in my life thus probably this is easier for me than my girls. I left China when I was 9 years old thinking we will live in Argentina for the rest of our life. Then we left Buenos Aires a year later, my parents went to Tokyo and I went to Shanghai for two years. Then we returned to Buenos Aires when I was 13 and stayed there until I was 26. 10 years living in the US, thinking again that’d be our home, and we came to Manila. Each time we transition to another place, it comes with excitement and anxiety, but each time they are a bit less. This time around, my anxiety level is minimal while my excitement is higher. So, yeah… I’m sad to leave but not really sad. 😀 Can somebody just tell me where we are going???? hahahha… maybe that’s driving my fatigue, thinking where we will end up.

One thought on “Sad but not sad

  1. I just think it’s wonderful you’re so open to the adventure of the next steps. I think I would be feeling VERY anxious about it, but you’re right – you will love where you go next. You’ll be surrounded by those you love and get to experience a whole new set of interesting cultures and cuisines. What an incredible opportunity 🙂


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