I’m becoming that lady

I swear that I never thought I’d be a cat lady in this life for million years (like my girls would say). None of my best friends, people that knows me since baby would believe the one day I’ll like cats. But slowly, gradually, I’m becoming one. I realized it yesterday when she came to my desk, explored a bit, and decided to sit there. Instead of being annoyed, I was amused and found it so cute. I am also noticing cats more when I walk around our neighborhood which is full of street cats. I find them funny and cute, and would take pic of them to show hubby and girls.

And look how she thinks she’s just one of the girls too. The girls decided to have little snack on the floor (why kids always prefer floor to table???), and Cookie quickly joined them.

Another relaxing day at home. I run with Sofia in the morning as they have late start on Wednesday. We did 200 meter sprint at the end, and I barely pass her. She’ll pass me any day. Then I did 20 min lower body workout at the gym, trying to see if lower volume would be better for me as I’ve been more tired after gym days.

I booked a nearby resort for our end of February school break. I can’t wait to get back to the beach. It feels so long already. I know… so spoiled. 😀

One thought on “I’m becoming that lady

  1. Yep….SPOILED is right!! 😆😆😆 that’s awesome though! I have never really liked cats! I’m sorry to say. I was always a dog person. I mean, I like all animals a lot, but I’ve never had a desire to own a cat. Cookie is cute though, and seems like a great little pet!


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