Luxurious meal

Don’t laugh at me but I triggered the bullet and spent nearly 10 USD to get Ezekiel bread in Manila. That’s my favorite type of bread for avocado toast. 4.5 years ago when I came to the Philippines, when price of the products is double the price I’d pay in the US, I would think I’ll never buy it. Well…. I changed my mind. Yes, it’s super expensive by any standard, but I wanted it so badly so I ordered it. No shame! hehehe

Since I started using continuous glucose monitor, I pay special attention the quality of food. No haven’t found a good bread nor a recipe for a blood sugar friendly toast. So time to test the Ezekiel bread. I had one piece with avocado and egg, and another egg separately and vegetables. The avocado is not great, local type, not as creamy and california/mexican avocado, but it was satisfying enough. It did however increase my glucose somewhat, not nearly as bad as other type of breads.

although it’s 10 bucks, it will last me for a while so not too expensive per meal. I am just glad that I can even find it here.

Here’s Sofia’s early lunch: honey garlic roasted chicken drums, 1/2 plate of vegetables, and small size of garlic toast.

For dinner I made the girls udon noodles with soft boiled egg. They both loved it. Lizzy asked me while still eating: when are you going to die? I said: I don’t know. maybe when I’m 100 years old. why? Lizzy: i don’t want you to die, i want you to live with me forever. Me: why? to prepare food for you? Lizzy: YES!

hehehehe…. I found my value! ๐Ÿ˜€

One thought on “Luxurious meal

  1. Every time you post a pic of eggs with avocado toast and that seasoning on top, I think that looks just amazing!! I don’t know why I don’t ever make that. It would literally be my dream breakfast, plus some spicy salsa drizzled over the top. ๐Ÿ˜‰


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