Active day

I love non-working Fridays. After 4 miles jog, I went back home to pack Lizzy’s bag, took her to the pod (another tower within our complex), and went to the gym. I did Caroline 40 min core and 20 min full body with dumbbells. The gym was empty except the trainer.

I had breakfast and went to golf with hubby. My coach had covid so we took 2 weeks off. Glad to be back. I did well this time, although got quite tired after the class as I didn’t stop (against hubby’s advise). By the time I got home it was 11am, that’s 6 hours after I got up and basically all active time. No wonder I didn’t want to do anything for the rest of the day 😀

Yesterday I called my mom few times. Every time I was walking or in transition, instead of listening music/podcast, I called my mom. I used to set a special time (1-2 hrs) to call her to catch up but sometimes it’s hard to find that chunk of time and I ended up not calling her. So maybe I should just call her few minutes everyday so she’s part of our life virtually.

I showed her our snack station: biscotti for the girls, and roasted nuts for the adults.

Lizzy had a playdate at home while Sofia did homework. I feel like Sofia is doing homework all day long. Not that she has tons but she’s easily distracted thus it feels she’s doing homework all the time. I have to guide her to focus and be more efficient about it. Her homeworks are: 1 hours piano daily, kumon reading and math workbooks daily, mandarin homework from twice a week class, piano theory (once a week class), Spanish (30 min max once a week). She finishes school 2:30pm everyday so to me that’s plenty of time to finish everything before 5pm, but she often finished just before bed time. sigh.. totally opposite of my style of studying/working.

For dinner I made a new type of fried rice, Japanese friend rice. not so different from my usual one, just with added lettuce and Japanese mayonnaise. Sofia loved it, Lizzy not so much. They have so different taste buds.

my low carb version used konjac rice instead, added extra sesame oil and green pea. loved it.

For third nights, I put my phone charging in the bathroom instead of the bedroom. I noticed that if I wake up 2 or 3 am to go to bathroom, I’d check my phone, and then have problem going back to sleep. Now putting it in the bathroom means I am not tempted to check, and 3 out of 3 nights that I’m doing it I could fall back to sleep no problem. Need to continue to do that! 😀 Remove the temptation.

One thought on “Active day

  1. I’ve been reading your posts in my email on my phone, because I always want to read them as soon as they pop up… but then I can’t comment easily from my inbox, hahah!! So I wanted to come back to this one and say good to see you in the gym!! I don’t think you had ever posted a pic in a real gym before- I think mostly your strength work was just at home before. Exciting to be in the gym, with more heavier weights options!! You’ll get nice and strong 🙂


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