Favorite moments of my day

I paid attention to what brings me joy throughout the whole day

  • Waking up 5am in the darkness and quiet house. Even the cat learned not to miao when I wake up. I get an hour of total silence and darkness to start my day.
  • 10-15 min meditation in the darkness. I feel I need more than 10 min these days… such a calm way to start the day with positivity.
  • Moving my body. Yesterday was 30 min walk, 30 min pilates, and 30 min yoga. Loved every minute of it.
  • Lunch with hubby, Sofia and Cookie (Lizzy eats with her friends at the pod).
Cookie always starts far away from us
but discretely approaches inch and inch
  • Massage date with hubby. Yesterday we had one and the 60 min felt like 10min. Maybe I should book 120 min next time.
  • Evening walk with the girls or hubby. Just 20 min is more than enough to bring me a calming closure to the day, no matter if it was an intensive one or a do nothing day.
  • Evening read while Lizzy does her kumon. So cute that she uses her fingers and count out loud.
  • the second before I turn the light off, put the book down. Usually it’s when I feel I’m so sleepy that can’t open my eyes for one more second. It doesn’t matter if it’s 7:50pm or 11pm, I always follow my cue to turn off.

What are your favorite moments of your day?

3 thoughts on “Favorite moments of my day

  1. This seems like a day that tipped heavy to the “leisure” side of the scale. 🙂 How nice. I love the thought of meditation in the dark. I have been waking up later than I used to for a long time now, in an effort to prioritize sleep…but then sometimes I wish I had more time in the morning before I need to get going on kids/work/ etc. I decided at one point that getting up at 4:30 or 5 meant I needed to get to bed quite early, and I was struggling with not having time for my husband at night, especially with the boys older now and staying up later than when they were little. So I pushed back my wake up time so I can stay up a little later. It’s nice to have that husband time, but then I miss some of that morning time….haha. What to do?! 😉


  2. I really enjoyed this post. I love how you’ve found joy in things that recur everyday. There are many wonderful moments that are a one-off type thing, but I think having wonderful moments built into the ordinary, and allowing oneself to savour them helps one move thought the day with a little more intention and less on auto-pilot.


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