New hair cut, new mood

My cheerful mood continued throughout the weak. Despite the not so great new, I have been super chill and relieved. Still one more news to hear from, but we are already excited for the back up option. Hubby is really funny, he started looking for places to live near the office and school, and he’ll get super excited when finding a good one and shows me the pictures videos. Then few hours later, he’ll come with another option and says this is the best one. My attitude is quite different, instead of looking online, I plan to just ask international staff there to see where they live and why they picked that place. Usually those are the best ones as it has been vetted by many. The only thing I checked is the school as it matters so much to the girls. I am very glad to see that the international school there is probably as good as the one in Manila. The same size in students (2000), similar type of facilities, and very international as well. The girls are excited too and want me to already apply. 😀

On the hair cut. After I cut girls’ hair, I promised that once I get a new assignment, I’ll cut. I let it grow for a while and it reached near my waist so way too long to handle for someone that exercises daily. I wasn’t sure how I want it so I just booked a japanese salon, showed up, asked the stylist to suggest a cut and let her do her thing. Super chill because it can always grow back. I like how it turned out. Now, I wonder if I want to have color… mmmm….. maybe the same color that I had in my 20s?

We are heading to a nearby beach resort tomorrow with a colleague family. I am ready for some beach time! 😀

3 thoughts on “New hair cut, new mood

  1. You hair looks lovely! Such a flattering cut.

    I really should get another haircut. I grow it long and then eventually get very tired of dealing with it and then chop it off in to a bob. It takes more work when it’s short and right now it has just gotten long enough I can pull it up into a pony-tail which is kinda my favourite length…but it means my hair always looks boring because I don’t “have” to dry or style it like I do when it’s really short or really long.

    All the best with the continued decisions. You do seem VERY chill about it all!


  2. Trying to figure out how to type the ‘lookin’ good” whistle sound on my keyboard….I got nothin’. “woot woot?” Nope, that sounds weird. hahahah. 😂 Very pretty!! I like that length. long enough but looks very manageable- especially living in hot climate, I would think super long hair would feel burdensome sometimes.


  3. Yes looks great on you! It’s nice that your family is excited about your move. My kids always didn’t want to move, they still talk sometimes about our old house from 4 year ago even though our current house is so much better.


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