Lovely weekend that started with a rejection letter

I started this post on Saturday to chronic my evolution after getting the rejection email 5:15am on my top job choice.

First reaction. A bit disappointed but not too much because I intentionally didn’t want to have a first choice. Yet, hubby expressed his preference so this is our family first choice. Then, I waited for the feeling to hit me. 2 hrs later, still nothing other than some disappointment. I waited until hubby is awake to tell him that I didn’t get that job. His first reaction was to hub me and said: “that’s alright, we will go to X in Asia”. I hugged him a bit more and he said few more things that are not necessarily to comfort me but they did. I loved him a bit more at that moment.

I guess it’s more the ego of getting rejection than I truly wanted that job. Every rejection is a demonstration of I’m not good enough. But I know this is not true. I try to remember how many rejections I had in life that truly disappointed me, less than 5, so I am lucky.

3 hrs later… I seem to be fine with the news and we are already planning our summer epic trip. If all goes as we think it will go (the job in East Asia), then we will go to Canada over the summer as it is 10 years anniversary since hubby left Canada.

I told mom about the news and she also said it might be the best choice for now as it means we will still be close to her .

3 days later, I am still okay and not super stressed or sad. I trust the bigger plan out there for us, that will revealed in the future. I am sure few years later we will remember this and say: that’s right, that was the perfect outcome.

Over the course of the weekend, we thought about more positive sides of this new job and we are all super excited.

I have one more job to be confirm/reject, most likely reject, until I get the final notice of my next assignment. So in the next few weeks, i can finally share with you all our next adventure.

Despite the “new”, I made sure we had a fun weekend that started with dutch baby pancakes with chocolate chips

Lizzy’s favorite breakfast so far

While girls went to soccer, I baked a coconut cake topped with sprinkles to make it festival. life is good, we need to celebrate it! 😆

It was probably the easiest cake to make but both girls loved it. I’m saving the recipe to make it again. Simply ingredients: coconut oil, flour, sugar, coconut milk only.

After girls golf, kumon, and mandarin lessons, we went to a friend’s community. He’s building a house there so we joined his weekly inspection to have some fresh air, playground, picnic

and lovely sunset. I love sunset so much that after I learned that our friend’s wife has started painting, I’ve commissioned her a painting inspired by sunset colors. That would be our souvenir from the 5 years stay in this beautiful country.

Sunday started with 10 miles run, 3 of them with Sofia biking. The girls did homework in the morning as their soccer practiced was after lunch. In the PM, they went to a friends’ house to watch Encanto with homemade popcorn. Meanwhile hubby and I started watching Gucci. We are 2/3 and it’s good.

After two nights of poor sleep, one night because I stayed up late to finish this book (review to come), and then Saturday we came back late from the picnic, I went to sleep 8pm last night and finally got 90+ in my oura.

Monday morning: I feel partly relieved from knowing the outcome and hopeful of our next adventure.

One thought on “Lovely weekend that started with a rejection letter

  1. Eek, exciting! Can’t wait to see where exactly you are going. I agree with what you said- that it will all work out just fine. And I’m glad you aren’t taking it as a “rejection”. I’m sure you AND others are very qualified for these positions, so it doesn’t mean you aren’t- just that they have to somehow pick someone!! Right? I mean they can’t have 5 people working one job. 😉 So, don’t take it personally. I think I mentioned before when we were hiring a new person in my department, we had a few applicants that were literally identical. There was nothing bad about any of them, not even a little! They all would have been fantastic. Eventually our manager had to basically just pick one. Definitely didn’t mean the “rejected” applicants were inferior- just boiled down to needing 1 person, not 3!


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