Social event expectation

Kind of related to Kae’s post on going to social event when you are not super excited. I went to a casual lunch with a group of 6 international staffs yesterday. I wasn’t particularly excited because I feel like conversations in group settings are rarely intimate and connection is loose. Yet, I felt obliged to go as everyone who got the invite accepted. I’ll give it 6/10, not as lucky as Kae. The good part is to get to know colleagues in a non-work settings and might help with work connections when needed. I do realize that with some people, the connection is instant, with others it might never develop and that is fine.

My girls asked me when I met with my best friends. I said when I was in middle school, so very soon for them. Life long friendships are so rare so we need to treasure it when we find one.

Yesterday I connected to a seminar in which my friend from grad school who’s also Argentinian presented. Ahhhh……. listening to his strong castellano accent English made me miss my Argentinian friends so much. just listening to them makes me happy. I told this to the girls and they asked where are your Argentinian friends. I said all outside of Argentina. hahahah… so funny. I still need to take my family to visit Buenos Aires…. the city of magic for me. šŸ™‚

Lizzy has been going to school everyday this week and she’s so happy. She’s so proud that she goes to school everyday. Sofia still goes every other day but she loves it so much. She keeps telling me how much she loves school and loves learning. I don’t remember I loved school that much when I was her age. Actually when I was 9 years old I had to sit in a class when I didn’t understand a word of what the teachers and students were saying as it was the year we moved to Argentina. What an experience.

Friday plan:

  • facial
  • gym session
  • massage

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