What a relief

Just after I felt so bad for my colleague, I learned that I have a guarantee job yesterday, my top choice in the category of lateral move. I learned it from my mentor instead of the hiring manager because we are still waiting to hear the decision of two other positions that I was interviewed for. What a relief!!! At least, I don’t have to go through another round of search, among places that I don’t want. Now, just few more days/weeks until I know where we are heading for sure.

I want to document this journey to be transparent of how stressful is job transition even when I have a guaranteed job within the organization. Nothing should be taken for granted and many struggles without sharing with others. I have been lucky in the last 10 years as I have always got my top choice job, yet every transition is stressful. I guess the experience reminds me not to take anything for granted, I always need to work hard even when I cannot be fired.

Right after I learned the news, I called my mom. She’s relieved, especially because this position is in Asia, so still very closed to her. When I told hubby about it, his reaction was “obviously they’ll pick you“ but he still prefers going to another continent. Sigh…. I wanted to tell him: be grateful that we have a good place to go!!! hahahah…. but I didn’t as it shows his confidence on me, probably more than I have.

I shared the news with the girls too as I want them to understand what we are going through and my anxiety around it. It’s part of grounding among Family goals.

2 thoughts on “What a relief

  1. EEK I can’t wait to hear where you are going! But Asia, though- you know that much at least, right? I was very intrigued by the Africa and Middle East options, lol! Maybe after it’s all done you can share what the other location options were. So interesting! What a relief though to KNOW you will be in the position you want! I guess I don’t fully understand your job exactly. Or how it works with these different locations. Not sure how much you can share online, though, or not.


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