Things I love lately

Few things that I’ve noticed I enjoy lately:

  • Country theme coffee. I happened to find one from Buenos Aires. Not that it makes anything like Buenos Aires, it does remind me the coffee culture in Buenos Aires. Practically one coffee shop every corner.
  • Music that takes me back to Buenos Aires. Tango is a big part of the argentina culture, and I found some Spotify lists that remind my time living there and danced Tango. I want to travel back so badly after listening them.
  • Girls preparing breakfast by themselves. I don’t know what took me so long to make the change, but now that Sofia is near 10, there’s really no reason for me to prepare. She feels empowered to do it herself. I have to admit, I still prepare breakfast for hubby some days, but more as act of love than need.
  • Few hours of deep work at the office. I’ve gone to the office everyday this week, for few hours, for the important meetings and tasks. This separation between work and leisure that office offers is great. When I get home, no matter it’s 5pm or 2pm, I feel relaxed and not anxious to finish tasks.
  • My mental state of gratitude and no expectation. We are still waiting for the final outcome of the job rotation but honestly I don’t mind the outcome, whatever it is. I’ve removed desire/wish/expectation from the process, identified pro and cons of the outcomes, and ready to embrace whatever it comes. This article summarizes so well my current state of mind.
  • Sleeping like a baby. I am really happy to report that I continue to sleep so well after ditching the phone from the bedroom. I wake up fresh, wanting to start the day. I saw a post from an oura ring user about the prompt that Oura showed him: your optimal sleep window is approaching: 7pm-7:45. This guy’s reaction was… does Oura think I’m a toddler? I laughed it out and it’s true that I’m back to my early teens sleeping schedule, 8-9pm and I love it. Gradually even hubby’s sleeping schedule is shifting from 12-1am to 10-11pm and waking up 6-7am.
  • Baking new goodies for the girls. I’ve been baking new cakes lately for their snack/breakfast instead of freezing waffles/pancakes. They get to experiment new food and I get to reach the meditative state while cooking often. The coconut cake was a big hit.
  • Reading novels that wrack my emotions. I’m on novel #3 this month and they’ve affected more than usual and with one of them I even dreamed about the characters. I think like art, books, especially novels are meant to make me feel something, and these books delivered.

That’s all for now… will pack and get ready for few days but the beach.

2 thoughts on “Things I love lately

  1. I’ve always dreamed of going to Buenos Aires. My very first Spanish teacher was from there and she would talk about it. She was so cool and is a teacher I’ve always remembered, so I think about her and Buenos Aires often. There’s a new Argentinian girl (from Buenos Aires) working at my husband’s friend’s Mexican restaurant right now (where we go a lot) and my husband and I get such a laugh out of her cute accent and certain dialect/ phrases she uses that are specific to Argentina (compared to Mexican Spanish). She’s super sweet and so fun to chat with.

    I love this list, too. These are some of my favorite types of blog posts. 🙂


  2. I love this list, too!
    I wish I was sleeping like a baby. I keep waking up to use the washroom even though I’m really limiting fluids in the evenings. Oh well…this too shall pass.
    I was just thinking this morning how much I appreciate that the kids can make their own breakfasts now – this morning was oatmeal and they already had their finished bowls on the table before I came out of my bedroom!


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