Chronic of a 24 hrs beach trip

We are back from Pico de Sands, a beach resort/condo 2.5 hrs away from Manila. Our original plan was 4 nights, but we cut it short to overnight and here’s the why.

We departed 10:30am. We didn’t get to the route we wanted because hubby was confident he was on the right direction when the google map said he was in the opposite. (Men ego moment!). We arrived around 1:30pm, 30 min more than usual. First impression was the place is really big. There are many condo buildings plus the hotel around a big pond. The moment we stepped into the lobby, we felt it could be packed place. The check-in process was fast yet I already asked if we can shorten our stay just in case. After we got into our room and unpacked, we met with our friends who arrived earlier. The girls started to play with them while hubby and I relaxed a bit. 3pm we headed to the beach, the main attraction of the place. IT WAS PACKED!!!! The beach was packed which is probably 150-200 meters wide, people/kids running around, eating, chatting, babies crying.

Girls played with their friends while hubby and I finally found an empty spot with shades. We chatted a bit about the Ukraine situation and then I tentatively asked him, what do you think of this place, shall we cut it short? He tentatively said yes… it seems a bit busy. Next question: when shall we leave? He said maybe we can stay two nights so he doesn’t have to drive again next day. By 5pm, after trying to get to the zen state at the beach, the whole purpose of this trip, and disturbed by the sound of the crowd, I gave up and left the beach to meet with another friend who gave birth few months ago.

It was great to catch up with her on new motherhood after trying for many years and ended up with IVF and postpartum preeclampsia that led her to ER for 5 days. I finally met the baby and the husband too. I told her that we don’t like the place and probably will check out earlier than planned. She said that she was surprised how busy was the place.

I went to the lobby and asked if I can check out the next day because we find the place too crowded and not feeling safe (covid excuse). The lady consulted with the manager and agreed.

We told our friends that we were leaving. They were sad but understood given they saw what we saw. Next task was to tell the girls. They were showering after the beach. I told them that daddy and I don’t like this place and that we are leaving the next day. They were sad for few minutes, until I told them that instead they can have playdates everyday with their friends after we go home. They were less sad.

We had dinner with our friends. The food was horrible and the restaurant was packed. We passed by the swimming pool and again packed like candle sticks.

That night I slept horribly. The bed was hard so I couldn’t find a comfortable spot. Every time that I woke up out of discomfort, I was glad we made the decision to leave early.

Breakfast next day was typical filipino buffet, okay for one day but can’t imagine everyday for 4 days. After breakfast, I spent time with my friends, which made the trip not a total waste. We agreed to meet again soon in a quieter beach location.

Girls had 1 hour of playtime for little kids and we left before noon. The way back was slow as it was holidays in the Philippines. But we were in good mood and all very glad that we are going home, including the girls. We stopped by McDonald for lunch and got home before 3pm.

Just before bed time, Sofia and I snuggled for a while and she said she’s happy to be back home, cozy home. She told me what she does before falling asleep, she’d pray for a good night sleep, she’d say things she’s grateful, and things she want to do more the next day. I HAD NO IDEA how and when she started doing these. And most importantly she said she feels good after going through them. THIS IS MY GIRL~!~

I slept 9 hrs last night in my own bed. I wonder if I was being picky and should have stayed longer for our friends and the girls. But I concluded probably it was the best decision. There’s no point to pretend we are having fun when none of us think so but do not dare to speak out. Also, there is opportunity cost (financially and time wise) to spend days in a place just killing the time when we can have so much fun near home.

The girls have school break until next Wednesday and they have full schedule of play with friends until then. Meanwhile, hubby and I can play golf, and I can finish some of decluttering projects and read.

One thought on “Chronic of a 24 hrs beach trip

  1. Ugh, that did not sound like a nice place and it’s great you were able to cut it short! We’ve had that experience before but had not much choice but to stay. I felt like I needed a vacation after the vacation.


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