Things that made me smile

Inspired by Elizabeth‘s (joy finding) and Kae’s post on taking pics of ordinary things, I took a pics of my day, those moments that brought me a smile with nobody watching. I really enjoyed the process and very glad to know there are so many of them.

  1. Opening a new jar of almond milk to top my daily “oatmeal” bowl. It brought me comfort and nourishment after my 2 miles run followed by 45 min at the gym for a full body workout

2. Lizzy was hype during her Kumon lessons, a combination of post-soccer high and the expectation of going to a playdate once she finishes her class. I smiled to her happy voice.

3. Quiet reading moment with hubby and Cookie. Girls were still at the playdate so we had the whole afternoon by ourselves. I love moments of quietness at home while still being each other’s company.

4. Cookie decided that hubby’s belly was more comfortable and she stayed there for a long while. Hubby put the phone down and pet her for a long while. For the longest I didn’t want a pet because I thought that would rob his attention to us. I wasn’t wrong but seeing how much joy Cookie brings to him makes me smile.

5. Unexpected color at the hall. No idea where it came from.

6. putting together a simple meal for the girls dinner made me smile. They love my cooking and Lizzy keeps telling me: “mama, antes que vos moris, tenes que enseñarme como cocinar tus comidas (mom, before you die, you have to teach me how you make your dishes). “

Girls had the longest playdate, Sofia from 10:15 to 5:30pm, Lizzy from 11:30 to 5:30pm, as one of Sofia’s BFF just came back from China after 1 year. The house was quiet for the whole day. I finished this book in one sitting and really enjoyed it. Many tips and questions to reflect on. 🙂

One thought on “Things that made me smile

  1. Every time you talk about making a “simple” meal I have to smile. Your “simple” looks like it has so many different (and DELICIOUS) parts. Simple to me is one meal in a single pot (like soup). Your simple looks a lot more festive and fun!


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