It is my choice to be “busy”

We had a great and busy Sunday. “It was our choice, not imposed by anybody.” This is what I have in mind now because hubby just told me his friend is complaining not having personal time, throne between work and kids activities. I honestly don’t understand why he takes that perspective instead of cheering the privilege to be able to spend time with his kids, ability to afford to do all those activities, and if he really wants “personal time”, he can find a way (delegate). Busy is not an excuse but the easy way to just let life carries you instead of taking the driver seat. That has always been my mindset.

Our Sunday started with a run, 3 miles with Sofia (as it’s her long run for the week), and then I did 6 miles more. Girls went to golf lesson at 8am with daddy so I had time to finish my run, soak my legs in cold pool water (why I never thought about it?) and had a quiet and slow breakfast. I craved savory food so I made an avocado toast with leftover baked tofu. So filling and perfect post-workout refuel.

The family got back for 45 min and went out again for soccer 10:30-12pm. Meanwhile I did some stretching, meditation, and tidy up the house. We don’t have helper on Sundays and mornings (she comes in at 9am). I am embracing this no-helper time/day to do the tidy up, decluttering myself. I used to get lazy and leave everything to the helper as she’s with us almost 24/7. Now that we have a live-out, I am actually enjoying doing house “chores”. It feels like cooking in some way, get into a state of flow, give my mind a break while on the motion.

Once they got back, they quickly showered and got ready for our outing. I had afternoon tea with a friend and I fell in love with her eye glass, so I wanted to try it on at the store before I order it. Lizzy got all dressed up.

We had lunch at a Taiwanese restaurant. First time trying it out. We enjoyed the chicken soup and beef soup with noodles, might get back for them.

then we went to the glass store. Unfortunately they didn’t have it anymore. I ordered online from US and will have it shipped. Finger crossed it fits me. Then we had Japanese soft cream. So yummy!

We got home 1 min before Sofia’s piano lesson. Lizzy did kumon and I read, hubby napped. What a great way to finish the weekend.

I know I say it every time, I love our weekends because we get to do a lot of sports, family time. We didn’t spent time doing errands, that we will do on Monday, so weekends feel like only play and relax. 🙂

3 thoughts on “It is my choice to be “busy”

  1. We are often so busy, too, and some people probably think we are crazy. But overall we enjoy the activities we do and are overall very happy with our lifestyle. The boys do best when they stay active and engaged and involved with things, I think.


  2. It’s all about perspective and “busy” can mean SUCH different things to different families.
    In general I need a lot of white space/margin in my days…but I have to be very deliberate and intentional about carving out the time or it all seems to fill up!


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