Up again

After few weeks of feeling a wack, I started my weekend with positive note. The good night sleep, morning meditation when I could focus on the cue, easy 3.5 miles run, and 45 min slow gym session put me in a path to a wonderful day.

I seem to have a love and hate relationship with gym sessions. I feel great when I’m in it, but afterwards have to pay the price (tiredness, soreness, and inflammation). I almost want to quit because it’s not improving after almost 3 months. Yesterday I tried a new YouTube (Heather) and it seems a bit less intense or the music more calming, I felt good afterwards as well. I’ll try it for a while and maybe that would do the trick.

Hubby took the girls for soccer so I had a slow morning alone at home. I meal plan for next week, put them in a paper calendar so our helper knows it before hand, and made the groceries list. let’s see if it works. Our new helper is a great cooker and can follow recipes. Such a bonus.

After girls’ soccer they had a birthday party to attend. I dropped them and went to buy few things at a Korean store. Then hubby and I had lunch at home alone. It is nice to have couple meals so we can chat without interruption. Picked the kids from the party, dropped Lizzy to her mandarin lesson, went to run some errands and went back to pick her up.

Lizzy had a second birthday party once she got home and finished her homework. Sofia meanwhile spent time with me at home doing homework while I browsed random things at the net. It feels indulgent for me to “waste” time while Sofia had to “work”. Luckily she didn’t complain.

Quick dinner and girls had their weekly screen time with lollipop from the parties. I dived into finishing a book. I’m not reading much this month for unknown reasons but this one that I am finishing is quite interesting.

Exciting Sunday awaits us.

2 thoughts on “Up again

  1. Maybe try doing shorter gym sessions for now? Are you doing full body sessions? Are they different every time? You could try doing the same exact routine a couple times a week for a few weeks- your body should adapt quickly. I only get sore really if I do a NEW routine in a new month- but I find once I start lifting regularly again I’m rarely very sore anymore. A little bit here and there if I really push myself, but it shouldn’t be debilitating… I think if you are that sore you should try cutting back on the intensity while you continue to adapt. A little soreness is okay, but you shouldn’t be consistently super super sore for months on end every time you lift, either.


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